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Steakology : Seven Wonders of Sauces

People, they keep and keep using foreign products as their raw and main materials while there's one humble looking steak house in Tebet area stand strong using local meats as their ideology. Steakology as they called, which is owned by a group of friends including Tantri from Kotak Band and Prabu Revolusi in it. As a guy who now never watches any television programs, i don't know who Prabu Revolusi is, but to look at him personally, this guy has tough charisma and hopefully the steaks aren't as tough as him. 

I did one diabolical mistake to forgot bringing my camera while stumbled upon the beautiful presented streaks of steaks. They used one big clean, well-made white plate that gave one brief sumptuousness impression. While they also has selections of pasta to fried rice apart from their steak and not so much selection for the beverages area. Maybe, they could add some mocktails to their menu? Oh, a struggle between pleasure to the eyes and the efficiency. Steakology's used no menu book instead menu paper, a paper with menu written in it with preview back and forth and honestly, it is not pretty at all but they do put some previews on it which is a highly efficiency way to gave some depiction on what they offered.

As i stepped inside, the whole place just looking okay with flat pronounce, looking humble with earthy slash bit garden concept and somehow cozy dim lighting. While the second floor was a space with black colored wall which rarely can be found around Jakarta establishments with some pretty twigs rimmed. And there was one cozy room with television and such for the owners gathers. Thank God, the air conditioner worked well. They provided wi-fi as well but please make sure it worked well reaching the second floors.Yeah, yeah i know i'm such a detailed person. 

Pardon, for not so good quality pictures, well yeah... I had this Sirloin (IDR 60.000) for dinner. First thing first, i am not steak kind of guy who complains about the meat quality and such. From my point of view and sense of taste, i don't feel any too big differences between local and foreign since this local sirloin could spoiled my taste buds well. The seasonings were marinated beautifully also i love how they putted their mashed potato below the steak and the vegetables tasted fresh, sweet and savory. The only minus point was a bit tough and not too juicy although it was medium well cooked. Their mashed potato was deliciously seasoned but some of its flakes didn't mashed thoroughly. I believe it has rooms to improve. As for the sauces, i'll explain to you in detail..


Bearnaise : Mr Prabu's personal favorite and best seller. This sauce originally made in France, savory tart and creamy made from melted butter, yolk, vinegar and spices
Effect : Sudden Melancholy.
Personal Thought : Pretty enjoyable, i love how its tasted fresh and good

Mushroom : Firstly invented on 1864 and purposely used for steak made from mushroom, butter, cream pepper and spices.
Effect : Soothe
Personal Thought : Quite good as well but i've tasted better.

Barbeque : Some history mention that this sauce founded by Columbus made from tomato paste, vinegar, liquid smoke, pepper and sugar.
Effect : Freedom Sensation.
Personal Thought : Thick and bold sauce which is also quite good

Rattlesnake : MY PERSONAL FAVORITE sauce which is compounded by Jalapeno mustard, tobasco and another spices that sounds eccentric because its name taken from snake rattled type
Effect : DropDead Gorgeous
Personal Thought : The only one spicy sauce on that night, tasted exotic with a little bit bitter taste inside which successfully aroused my appetite. I finished 2 small jars of this rattlesnake sauce all by myself. Quite addictive, i must say.

Teriyaki : Japanese sauce made from soy sauce, Japanese vinegar and sugar by 1:1 comparison.
Effect : Shine Bright Like a Diamond!
Personal Thought : Too watery compared to any other sauces. Not my cup of tea but i love the effect thou :P

Pesto : Italian sauce, typically sauce from Genoa that has been known since ancient roman times. Formulated from basil leafs, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and pistachio 
Effect : Unique Personality 
Personal Thought : Second best after their rattlesnake 

Black Pepper : black pepper-based sauce which became knows as cooking ingredients since 1840 by European which was originally used for medicinal and beauty.
Effect : Keep Spirit On
Personal Thought : Pretty enjoyable blackpepper sauce

While their Tenderloin with the not so different price tag was quite good as well and i poured my favorite rattlesnake sauce all over it. It was my friend's thou but whatever, sharing is caring, right?

I didn't try this salmon steak which looked quite appetizing as well but when i asked him, i got unexpected response : he said, he gave this 6,5 out of 10. Too harsh, doesn't he? Readers, i think this one was good well, i stole a fork without him noticed and i gave 7,5 out of 10. For me, the salmon needs to be softer in texture and of course the rattlesnake sauce helped almost all of the dishes. Heavenly made spicy sauce. 

And, we've got to tasted their yet to be launched streaks of desserts.Their Pancakes were so-so, quite tough texture pancake with sweet-wise taste but not enough for sweet toothed poured with either caramel sauce or chocolate sauce, while their caramel sauce was the same ingredients and taste with alphenlibe something something candy. While, their creepes is an exceptional! i really love how its soft and really enjoyable combination between the creepes and fillings beautifully tasted in my mouth. This, my sweet tooth cravings were successfully accomplished. 

Closed by this tempting Caramelized Banana which was literally like melted when you put it in your mouth, definitely a sweet treat. Man, i love banana

To prop my tummy i shared this plate of aglio olio. I must say this pasta with Rattlesnake sauce was heavenly good and suited to my palate really well. Their pasta was quite thick but seasoned really well and blended beautifully with the sauce. I love how it presented with basil and olive oil sprinkles. Their garlic bread appeared to be quite tough although its tasted good with balance amount of seasoning and enjoyable butter.

Special Thanks to :
Ms Katarina Christine Natalia who invited me over along with Openrice. Oh, sorry dear i forgot to bring my camera *sob.. Another thanks for Jennifer who borrowed me her iphone for me to took some pictures. I had one enjoyable gathering plus food tasting night with several friends and had some fun drawing logo/sign for Steakology. My team was including Andri and Hans.. Thou it's quite weird but it definitely better than the girls *wink

Definitely a place for carnivores with curiosity to try their seven wonders of sauces and soon to be launch complete 31types of sauces *uh spoiler and you gotta to try their rattlesnake. Splendid

Jl. Tebet Raya No. 38, Tebet
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 853786620

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