Friday, March 1, 2013

Bintang Aceh

Standing under the same roof with Roc N'Ron, this Aceh's foods specialized restaurant bringing an Indonesian fresh air toward the surroundings. I can say the owner is serious on culinary business. Why? He has 3 restaurants on one same terrain and not to mention one karaoke place in the middle of his any other adjacent restaurants. 

Bintang Aceh carry live seafood theme, means those seafood you eats there are fresh and still alive before the cooking process. You can see their live sea stocks just in front of the entrance. With wide selections of sea goods, Bintang Aceh is ready to spoiled your taste buds, from fish to crabs, from crabs to scallops. 

These are some available goods in their live market. The crabs and clams are still alive and will be dead if they cooks them to satisfy our tummy. So dear, your lives is in our hands *evil smirks (just kidding) They definitely looking fresh while i took gaze on them. 

I had this Orange Coconut (Kelapa Jeruk) to quench my thirst. A combination between orange and coconut water produced one refreshing and sweet combination. 

Tee hee, a sneak peek of what we had at Bintang Aceh. It was quite spacey with good dimmed yellow colored lighting inside the restaurant. Clean enough and by the time we got there, some seats were already occupied with costumers. It was definitely more packed compared to Roc N'Ron. So, after two rattan hampers filled with rice came to our table, we started the feast and here what we had.

This is the first one served to our table, it is Ikan Nila Steam Hongkong (Hongkong Steam Tilapia) I love how the soy sauce look a like gravy tasted fresh and good. The tilapia (ikan nila) itself was so tender and soft but as for me, the meat was kinda plain and you know, i don't like this fish taste fishy. But, i have to admit the gravy itself was very good and enjoyable. And, it made me face a little trouble eating it because the fish got so many little thorns. But, yeah... 

Gulai Ikan Kakap Merah (Red Snapper Curry) I just love this one better than the previous one. I love how the fish got just a little small thorns while the meat was soft and this one got that rich flavors i've been wanting since i took a seat at this restaurant. I love how the curry was bold and totally enjoyable. I love this kind of Indonesian cooking. Quite spicy, strong, and definitely arousing my appetite. Recommended! 

Ikan Pari Bakar Aceh (Grilled Aceh Style Stingray) eating stingray is common thing for me yet not so common for the other attendants. Actually, stingray is better than any other fishes (for me) I love how stingray got no thorns, just that big bone structure in the middle of it. Too bad, i don't like this one. The turmeric was so overpowering the other elements including the fish itself. Not my cup of tea. But, i still love how good the stingray meat was. 

This is the most favorite from almost all of us Udang Telur Asin Sereal (Salted Egg Prawns with Cereal) at first glance, i was like.. duh! why they didn't separated the skin from its meat? But, the skin was totally enjoyable! Crunchy and tasteful while the not-so-tender meat was quite enjoyable. But, my most favorite part is how the skin could be so crunch and good. I could tasted the salted egg too in the prawns. Satisfied tummy? Yes.

You are not eating seafood if you're not having a big crab! Kepiting Telur Saus Padang (Padang Sauce Egg Crabs) I really love that red, spicy looking, appetizing Padang Sauce. Yes, it was so good. I couldn't ate crabs because i am not good at finding the meat. But, This big crab was easily opened with just a single bite. And the meat was kinda generous, if you ask me. I love how this Padang Sauce tasted so good. I love it more if it was more spicy just a little bit. 

Mie Goreng Aceh (Fried Aceh's Noodle Style) similar to Mie Goreng Jawa if you ask me, Didn't spicy at all and wet. Sweet and savory. Although it definitely not on my top list, but it still enjoyable and also quite good. 

So, that's it. I had one satisfying Indonesian especially Aceh style introducing. To be honest, it didn't that much different with any other Indonesian foods. In term of spices and taste. They are both rich and good. No matter how good Italian foods are, i still loves my hometown's more! Indonesian foods are for words : love. So, thank you Bintang Aceh for spoiling my Indonesian taste buds. Looking forward for the next meeting. 

Bintang Aceh Live Seafood
Jl.Raya Taman Aries no 3 (Meruya)
(021) 58901557, (021) 36639577
Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00


  1. Love love love fresh seafood!
    And that serving of coconut orange is brilliantly presented. yum!

    1. yes! me too, ren
      perfect combination rite? seafood and fresh coconut :p