Friday, August 31, 2012

Nasi Kalong : Worth For Every Seconds You Queued ( Bahasa )

One of my friend said : " Kalo ke Bandung harus kudu makan nasi kalong pokoknya itu super enak pake banget deh . " dan beberapa temen yang udah pernah makan disitu emang bilang itu totally recommended . Yah , berhubung gw bukan orang Bandung jadi harus dong ya makan ini nasi kalong yang katanya Trademark nya Bandung . Jadinya beneran deh pas Sabtu malem gt jam 7 lewat dikit udah sampe di tempat yang menjual ini nasi kalong . Beuh , gw langsung lemes liat antriannya coy , PANJANG BENEERR sampe ngelingker kyk uler . Padahal kan ini tempat nasi open nya aja jam 7 teng , ini baru jam 7 lewat dikit udah sampe rame banget. Jadi penasaran deh rasanya seenak apa sih ? sampe orang rela loh ngantri begitu .

Katanya sih ya denger-denger kalo mau ke ini tempat pake baju nya jangan bagus-bagus . Soalnya , yang jualnya langsung nembak harga aja . Eh , beneran loh udah capek antri panjang bnr cuma nasi , ayam 3 mungil-mungil , unyu-unyu sama buncis gt sama kerupuk sama lumpia kering sama semacem telor tahu cabe bisa bisanya 50k . Meanwhile , temen gw yang mesennya ga jauh beda sama gw , ayamnya 2 potong harganya itu cuma 25k . Jauh bener beda harganya . Untung rasanya ... ENAAKK . Kalo udah antri panjang , mahal , dan gak enak itu sih rasanya udah mau pingsan kali.

Duh ini nasi emang juara deh ya . Nasi nya ungu-ungu warna favorite gw gimana gitu kan . Nasinya sih dari ubi katanya . Pokoknya I enjoyed everything on the plate . Emang enak sih , worthed lah antri udah panjang banget kyk begitu , pake acara di gigitin nyamuk lagi . Ayamnya kekecilan deh menurut gw tapi . MSG nya juga terasa agak banyak ya. Cuma , ya udalah namanya hidup harus dinikmatin sama makan enak .

And not forget to slipped one candid picture .

Just realized the contrast between my face color & neck color :(

Nasi Kalong
Address: Jl. LLRE Martadinata (Riau) no. 57, Bandung
Operational time : pk 19.00 sd pk 03.00 WIB
Phone :  0811205855

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Peak Resort Dining : The Beauty From Above

The Peak
Jl. Desa Karyawangi Ciwaruga Km.6.8 No.388 
Bandung , Jawa Barat
Opening Hour : 11.00-24.00 

This is my no 1 favorite venue at Bandung . The first time i came here with my big family . uh it such a big no went to somewhere as sweet as The Peak with my family . How i hope going here with someone special in the future . But , my prayer hasn't being answered yet . But whatever , i do came here with my sweet companions .

I always thinks that The Peak is not only a fine dining restaurant but the Finest dining resort at Bandung . I remember how the first time i came here . I was blown away , how awesome this place was . And those awe-struck hasn't changed even a lil bit .Est since 1999 on the highest hills at Girindah region , Bandung.

I will expose the late afternoon mood makers first before the place sightings .

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Strawberry Yoghurt & Banana Shake

Red Velvet
Chicken Cordon Bleu ( 60k ) was yummy . I am a fan of chicken meals . And this one was surely satisfied me . Deep fried chicken with mozzarella cheese and BBQ sauce under the chicken . Inside was filled by rich fillings , super tasty . Crisp , and the fillings melted perfectly in my mouth . Heaven on the earth . The best cordon bleu i ever had . Also the vegetables were perfectly cooked , sweet and tasty . And the potatoes were just right . Everything on the plate were just right . perfect

Some people getting sick with those red velvet , rainbow cakes furors . Yes i am sick of rainbow cakes . In fact i hate them . But not with red velvet . The Peak's red velvet was fantastic . The tasted was similiar with the one i had at Mad For Garlic . The cake was smooth and that white cream which is i believe it was yoghurt cream because tasted so , is delicious . My friend who's not into these red velvet and rainbow cakes trends also ordered a slice of it . And she said it was delicious . And it's cheap , seriously as long as i remember it was only 25k .

Strawberry Yoghurt and Banana shake seems not good friends . Felt a little bit nauseated . The yoghurt was fresh yoghurt and i love it , but my friends who tried it and they who used to ate yoghurt in a cup were kinda not enjoyed my yoghurt *sniff . Banana shake itself was a disappointment . I don't know but I certainly didn't like the shake.

back to business 

Located at a height of 1230 m above the sea level where you can see the greatness of nature . How beautiful and outstanding the panorama offered by The Peak . Gently blown by the cool breeze , relaxing atmosphere strengthened by the romantic nuance that made me even more saddened me due to the being single lol kidding .

The place itself was classic , huge , made up for 3 floors ( correct me if i was wrong ) dominated by wooden interior mostly dark brown i don't know the name of those kind of woods . Mahogany ? and again correct me if i was wrong . Almost every tables were covered with white table cloth and the napkins that made in such a way shaped like a ship made from origami .

The Peak connoisseurs provided a lot of wines selections 

The first i saw when i stepped my foot here . Flowers :)

credit to :

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giggle Box

Last Saturday i went to Bandung with my companions for 2D 1N . What we had in thought were only eat eat and eat . After had our very 1st early lunch at Hummingbird which i am gonna review it soon , which i knew about Hummingbird from reading Miss Ivy blog . In short i was tempted by her review so i made a quick visit there. While i knew about this Giggle Box from my friend recommendation who lives at Bandung .

It was quite packed back then . Bandung venues are always crowded like all the time . I meant if you see a venue at Bandung which is not packed it is either new / not worth it . Quite sure of it .

Giggle box was only a few steps from Hartwood and close to Hummingbird . Located at one of the most strategic location at Bandung , Progo . Giggle box giving something fresh and something that worth of visit . Dominated by white , especially the stanchion and the curve entrance . What i had in mind this place was chick , adorable and cute .

The best part about this restaurant is : The price was environmental welfare . I was full back then , but i dared myself to ordered some . Sorry my dear fatty tummy . I promise to make you slim within 2 years .

Sorry though i was too focused at the outdoor , so i forgot to took the indoor pics . But believe me the indoor was less interesting comparing to the outdoor . Indoor was just ordinary .

Grilled Chicken Vietnam ( 20k )
Green Tea Cake ( 15k )
Dark Cherry ( 15k )
Cookies & Cream ( 20k )
Green Tea Latte ( 16k )
I wasn't expected for good meals . I was just simply enjoying the place . Grilled Chicken Vietnam tasted ok . But looked like an ordinary grilled chicken for me . I didn't even knew where's the Vietnam part was. And the disentangled lettuce under the rice was quite disturbing for me .Green Tea Cake was nice . My friend was kinda exaggerated it saying it was super yum . Very small portion indeed . Its Dark Cherry was better than the green tea latte , not to sweet , not too big , not too small . The Green Tea Latte was too sweet . I can tasted milk inside the latte and way stronger than the green tea flavor . My favorite was the Cookies & Cream mixture from different flavors ice creams into one bowl with oreo .

Nothing wrong with the services , An affordable and nice place for hanging out , enjoying the garden atmosphere offered by Giggle Box . Also foods & drinks with very affordable price . Cheaper than wheresoever Solaria.

(022) 76434600

Monday, August 27, 2012

Maja House

Dying after tiring routines ? Need a sweet escape ? Getting bored of Jakarta ? Go Bandung . Maja House is a bar , restaurant , and my friend said that this hip venue will transform into a nightclub on weekends . Located far from city boisterousness actually the street isn't that peaceful . But Maja is . One of my most favorite spot at Bandung after The Peak .

Actually Maja House divided into 2 parts : Maja Suki , Sugar & Cream . But the one am gonna recap here is the Sugar & Cream .

Maja House offering an astonishing view especially during the night , because the lighting will spark the place to a classy venue with that view which rarely you can find at Jakarta and of course Bandung cold yet refreshing air that will relaxing your body and mind even for a while. But , i remind you to bring something warm there . Or you can rent the blanket for IDR : 15.000 . One of the waiter told me when i went to the restroom.

I was transfixed and amazed this place for a while due to the how good this place was and almost forgot to mention it was spacious . Interior which is dominated by wooden , similiar with Union , Loewy , and the list goes on . This concept is somehow like worldwide ? But i do enjoy the warmness , coziness , and the nuance offered by it. Although its official website amazed me more .

I decided to save my tummy for later . Because you know . I've made the must to go & eat list already . It's not like i am saying this place isn't worth to eat . You know there's always method a called : Friendtasters :P . So , i just ate whatever my friends ordered . and lucky me they were also full already . So they asked me to helped them . You didn't have to tell me . I'll do it . With pleasure

Chicken Augratine
Grilled Norwegian Salmon
Grilled Chicken Mushroom
Apple Mojito
The foods were already in a medium high price range . But still what i love about Bandung is their hip and happening venues offered lower prices compared to what we have here at Jakarta . Medium high but seriously it's worth for what you eat and that tranquility sensation from Maja House.

Chicken Augratine was my favorite . The chicken wasn't that mushy and not that tough .topped with melted mozzarella cheese and some kind of BBQ sauce under the chicken .The potatoes was perfectly cooked suited to my taste . And i proudly can tell the potatoes were high quality potatoes .

Grilled Norwegian Salmon was my less favorite . First of all , i am not a seafood lover and the salmon itself still had that fishy thingy . My friend told me you can't totally exterminate that fishy thingy from salmon no matter how much lemonades you used. I wasn't sure , i thought maybe an expert could do that. Nonetheless it came in a beautiful presentation . Lovey dovey

Grilled Chicken Mushroom . Like your usual , ordinary , and mediocre chicken steak without the skin. Tasted just ok. Not special . I loved the mushrooms , it was tasty beautifully blended with the sauce . yum ..

Apple Mojito by Sugar & Cream by far is my most favorite compared to the other apple mojitos i ever tried before . Sweet & refreshing .

And what's pathetic I do ordered something called : Momento . But i didn't even knew how it looks . Because it didn't came . And i wasn't in that mood to asked where my order was ... Although i was pretty sure the waiter was noted it already *sniff

I am very very recommending you to go here when you are at Bandung . This place is epic

And lastly . Sorry for this narcissistic pic i tucked up in this post .
Me & my companions 

Maja House
Sersan Bajuri 72 Bandung
Phone : +62 22 2788196
Fax : +62 22 2788466

Email :

Monday, August 20, 2012


The one i'm gonna make a review is the one which is located at Central Park . Actually i have been several times went to Plaza Indonesia Kitchenette's outlet . And the comparison was quite sharp . Plaza Indonesia Kitchenette's was smaller than the one located at Central Park , the air conditioner was hotter comparing to the one at Central Park , and personally i prefer their Central Park outlet . It just more sophisticated with outdoor touch where the bridge that connecting Central Park and Kitchenette is surrounded with beautiful fish pond.

The interior inside still so Kitchenette . The different between their outlet at Plaza Indonesia and Central Park are the outdoor , and the setting . There are chairs with the Green garden just a few steps near the entrance. And i was mesmerized by it.

Anyway , Kitchenette also established by a rising company named : Ismaya . I love every Ismaya works . Their concepts are innovative , creative , expensive , hip , and comfortable according to my point of view. I ate several desserts from Kitchenette and to be frank , based on my desserts-ing experience . I found no desserts that gave me that wow effects afterwards . Just ok . Not too good but not bad. Mediocre. So , i decided to tried their main course.

Baked Truffle Macaroni and Chesse ( IDR : 69.000 )
Served on the folded red checkered table fabric . Boring presentation . I could only see the ham and macaroni inside along the plate . No dressing . Tasted plain. After mixed the macaroni with the cheese it tasted better but still kinda plain . I don't know . I felt not worth for what i paid .

Carbonara ( IDR : 59.000 ) and Cookies & Cream ( IDR : 38.000 )
And again the carbonara came with boring presentation . At least it was smelled good. The same as macaroni , i could only see pasta with ham *pokerface . Tasted just ok , better than the macaroni . This one quite good . Not too watery . But , what's wrong with a little dressing? seriously.

The drink came in a glass which my school canteen was used to served drinks. Tasted sweet and ordinary , somehow reminded me of ice blended pop ice cookies and cream flavored and adorned with choco chip biscuit.

Kitchenette is a nice place for hanging out with friends , and stretching your bones after tiring activities . Kitchenette never sleeps. As long i went there . it always packed . People loves this venue and i consider this as a successful Ismaya's hip venue. But not so much for awesome meals. Desserts ok.

all the credits are for my ablay who treated me for her late birthday celebration!



Phone: (021) 5698-8888

Central Park, Tribeca G Fl Unit PAV 3 A
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta

Sam & Jolly : Revisiting ( NaGoYo )

The second time being here and yes in a row . This time i dared myself to tried their recommended NaGoYo ( Nasi Goreng Yoghurt ) sounds like Japanese right? my friend got fooled when i told her NaGoYo. she thought it was sushi and friends. The waiter was confident in recommended this NaGoYo .. and finally i ordered it based on what he suggested . Actually this is my intention from the start revisiting Sam & Jolly :P . So here's the sightings of the innovative and creative NaGoYo ..

NAGOYO ( IDR : 44.000 )
So here it is . The proud NaGoYo . Sam & Jolly always presents their foods beautifully . You know, beautiful meals just increase your appetite . The waiter told me to mixed the yoghurt with the fried rice first . I mix them up . Had a spoon full of it then the yoghurt felt was a little bit sour . The fried rice texture itself was kinda sticky . But after spoon by spoon the taste was getting better . I don't know.. And i finished this NaGoYo quite fast . And i didn't find this expensive because the portion itself was generous and delicious .

Happy Puffy Adfunture ( IDR 35.000 )
A puff pastry filled with strawberry thin strawberry pieces and  yummy cream . Ah , the best part . Served with fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce , plain Yo-stick , and garnished with a slice of orange and half piece of strawberry . I love eating desserts here , because it worth for what i paid . For IDR 35.000 you also got that free Yo-stick . And the Yo-stick itself worth IDR 20.000+ . This dessert was so good . Seriously , i don't doubt Sam&Jolly in serving desserts . they were never dissapoint me. I loved how the puff pastry met the cream . Ah , you should try it when you come here. 

Strawberry Sabayon Cake ( IDR : 35.000 )
A slice of strawberry cake topped with some kind of peanut cream which is i'm not sure and orange sauce layered with yoghurt while the middle layer was layered by thicker pink or you can say red which is strawberry sauce. Do i have to explain what it tasted like? Seriously it was good. Sweet tooth craving accomplished ? Big yes and with a big smile . Served with thin creme brulee around the cake. which is a plus point since the cream brulee was also tasty . 

The second time in a row and i completely blown away by the desserts . And the NaGoYo itself was not bad at all. I made Sam & Jolly as a must list to go having dessert when i am around Central Park