Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mustache Me

Not too far from Ninotchka another dessert diner has emerged in Citra Garden 6 housing complex. The name Mustache Me surely piqued my curiosity, it appeared not only me who intrigued. A friend of mine braved a stressful jam and floods from Gading-Citra just to took a peek by herself what this mini restaurant is all about. I love how the place was being humble, homey yet cozy at the same time and (hopefully) the munches are worth the traffic. 

A plate of generous Fettuccine Carbonara, their's was creamy and enjoyable. Not a fan of creamy stuffs, but this one is good. yay! a delightful opening. 

Meh... My lips gotten red and slightly swollen due to the spiciness from Seafood Fried Rice. It came in a generous portion and quite yum as well. Got a hint of instant fried rice seasoning. It definitely worth of my sweats. 

Red Velvet Smoothie it seems my velvety fever isn't over yet. Came in a tall glass and slurrps!..... weird.
I didn't caught where the usual red velvet i tastes from this smoothie, instead i caught a hint of tuber. They also put popping bobas along with the vanilla cream. Although it was quite weird but somewhat refreshing.

I forgot what is this since this is a late post from last month, as long as i recalled, this is a Coffee Latte with a mustache-shaped ornament along the straw. Tasted coffee latte, standard.

Closed by Chocolate Molten Cake topped with chocolate ice cream. Err, how should i put this? it was definitely not the best i ever ate, even more, i didn't like how their chocolate tasted (sorry) cheap. Plus, it would be better if they topped it with vanilla ice cream, no? warm and melted inside. If i have to compare, i chose Ninotchka's over this one. With the same tag IDR 15.000, Ninotchka's is smaller than this but i could say they use quite good quality of dark chocolate.

However, i will stick to Mustache Me's heavy meals, within IDR 20.000-25.000 range, if you ask me. I must say their pasta, fried rice, dory are satisying. It is like a reverse from Ninotchka (my point of view) where Ninotchka offers good dessert with affordable price but so-so heavy meals (but, their bite-sized pizza is really good) while Mustache Me offers yummy meals with affordable price but not so much happening desserts on taste area. Beverages? taste wise.

I'll definitely come back for their hot fried rice. *hosh hosh hosh :) let me know your thoughts if you already paid it a visit..

Mustache Me Cafe
Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6 J5A-25
West Jakarta
Tuesday - Thursday : 14.00PM - 22.00PM
Friday - Sunday : 14.00PM - 23.00PM
CLOSED on Monday

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