Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shabuya : Delighful Japanese Treats

Been wanting for satiate treats since last week made myself went to Pullman for Collage promo buy 1 get 1 using BCA Platinum. Unfortunately, we couldn't sat there and eat with ease since we've got to reserve at least one day in advance. So, with a little bit disappointment, me and my birthday girl went to Shabuya one All You Can Eat Japanese restaurant with several good  tidings bestowed upon it located just beside Sushi Tei, Central Park. Hoping this rather quite convincing looking restaurant from the front could satisfy me and the not-so-easily-pleased birthday girl.

Inside wasn't too spacey if you ask me but it's surely comfy with sunlight coruscation naturally from its big window that allows you to peek Jakarta's hustle bustle from your seat. A waitress brought us one big stewing pan to poached our foods which cost an additional IDR 33.000 

Oh, here the sighting of Shabuya's layout 

Actually, this is my very first time trying Shabuya after hearing good compliments from several bloggers and friends. A set of foods were directly served on our table and we could refill it how many times we like. As for the drinks, i had a glass of refill lemon tea which is very economized and favorable. 

There were mushrooms, sweet corn, thick textured udon, white and soft tofu, cabbages and lettuces for us to boiled with a pot of tantalizing chicken broth. Oh, We didn't know where to start, so we called one of their waitress to help us. It was slightly embarrassing since we couldn't lit the fire *blushing. After several minutes ( It just only took 1-2 minutes ) Our foods soaked with broth were ready to serves. Their broth was just light, it wasn't strong enough to tickled my taste buds. Nonetheless, it was quite enjoyable, i could tell they use good quality of ingredients.  

That's the thinly sliced Japanese meat ( I don't know the specific name ) before poaching process and just below was when the foods were ready to serve. Doesn't it looks good? I love their thick udon, it was beautifully lengthwise and also taste good, if you found they are tasteless, you could dunked them to brown looking gravy they provide just beside your table.

Can you guess with these dice slices are? They are yummy caramelized tubers. I love them! Sweet, somewhat savory, and enjoyable are the best three words to describe them. Rarely eats tuber in my whole existence but if every tubers in this world as good as them. I dedicated myself to eat tubers from now on. I'm not exaggerating,no. They were just that good. Good start? Definitely.

A plate of untouchable kimchi, i've stated it before i don't like kimchi and on high level. Tried it once and yes. My view about kimchi is nowhere to change. Pass this one, next!

Dang, i'm such Japanese cuisines noob, i don't even know what this was but couldn't help it to clean the whole plate even licking it ( not doing it ) this one tasted like sliced beef at Yoshinoya but slightly better. I love the beef was tender and also taste good. two points for Shabuya!

Followed up with even better pieces of tori meats. This one is so good, tender, juicy, sauteed with something like curry paste and it was definitely kicking my appetite. I kept munching them till it's gone and lucky me, this is an all you can eat. So, without any guilt i asked the waiter to refilled it again for me. Ah, in case you don't know tori means chicken. Just writing this review made me wanting this plate of good tori anytime soon but what's upcoming is even more addictive, so hang on readers....

Their fried Gyoza was so so addictive. Believe it or not, i asked the waiter to refilled it about six times and my friend asked twice. Means we finished all of 24pieces of their fried gyozas with just the two of us. Its skin was so crunchy and i love the consistency between one another gyozas. They were evenly deep fried and the filling was also scrumptious. I could asked for it continuously but it will made me like a pitless tummy guy. Talking about constitency there was one portion of fried gyoza which appeared different than the rest portions. 

See the differences? Yes, the previously gyoza shaped like pastel with mincemeat inside and this one shaped fried dumplings. But, i still keep the consistency compliment toward these two orgasmic fried gyozas because no matter how they look, they are still so yummy and i couldn't get enough of them moreover when i dunked it a little bit with its special sauce. Oh, heaven in my mouth. Please, Shabuya don't ever change this little piece of heaven to mortal world. 

Then we closed our delightful Japanese treats with fruits. Do we have a good time? Big times! Good foods? No doubt! Do our disappointment were healed? Can't imagine a better treatment. We were seriously getting a kilo from it and we have to start dieting from tomorrow but whatever, diet always starts tomorrow, right? Definitely will pay Shabuya another visits when i feel i want one satisfying, satiating, all you can eat Japanese eats. It will cost you around IDR 130.000-140.000/pax exclude the refill drink.  For big eater, this place is a must visit :)

All You Can Eat Restaurant
Central Park, Level 1, Unit 113A
p. +62 21 5698 5585
f. +62 21 5698 5586

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