Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harbour 9 Dining & Bar

Before Chinese New Year night, me accompanied by a pretty friend eyeing, tasting, and experiencing some hip, happening establishments at Medan which is famous for its delicious Chinese foods. I believe nothing could go wrong having streaks of Chinese feasts at Medan. But, will the others aside from oriental category win my heart? There's one spot i've marked even before my arrival to Medan, it's Harbour 9 one of the newest hip looking restaurant with long bar, outside area embracing the blue (harbor, sea pirates) concept.

I just got back from Miramar (going to post it soon) so my tummy got not much spaces left. Having their special cakes to munch is my main objective. You know what? Harbour 9 serves only one cake everyday, it's their cake of the day. Quite creative but also quite a hassle marketing strategy if you ask me. The plus point is: you will come often just to tries their daily fresh from oven cakes but the minus point is: not everyone have the patience to wait their teeth satisfied by the sweets without knowing what cakes will be serve on that day. I'm the second. Beside cakes, they also offers banana pancake if my memory don't failed me.

I love their interior which is somehow reminds me of Bluegrass, this venue somehow is like smaller version of Bluegrass. A big screen LCD embedded on their bricked wall on the right side which allows the customers to watch and make themselves feel like home.

Without doubts, i ordered their cake of the day which would an Almond Cake priced around IDR 30.000

One sweet scented cake topped with crunchy almonds and cream. Had a spoon of it and it was good! It's quite unique in taste comparing to the other cakes i ever had. Actually, it wasn't that special to be heralded but it was quite addictive, one spoon and you want another spoons. Once it's empty, you want another slice of their almond cake with a hint of ginger inside the cake. It has that smooth but still cake texture like very smooth soft sponge cake not melted like cheesecakes. I'm not a fan of this cake but I do fell in love with this. Ah, such a complicated relationship.

Super crispy, yes super crispy boneless chicken with mayo and fries. It was too crispy until i barely could taste the meat inside those crispy coated flour. But, it's okay. It was quite enjoyable thou. As long as i remember this should cost less than IDR 30.000.

One sinfully chocolaty drink topped with thick white cream plus chocolate sauce. I could easily tasted the chocolate all over this drink. It was so good yet fulfilling at the same time. It's a mixture between milo, chocolate sauce and cream created one thick fattening beverage. If you are a chocolate addict, you gotta have this one.

Your standard lemon tea, quite refreshing after had a glass of chocolate drink.

A glimpse of their outfoor area, sorry i couldn't took better shots. Personally, i prefer to seated outside than inside Harbour 9 the air-con inside wasn't cold and made me drop sweats, while outside was naturally blown by gentle breeze. I'm glad that my hometown is now having some cozy spots start to popping around. I only ordered the menus that couldn't go wrong. My cousin who live at Medan said, this restaurant foods were just so-so. But, who knows? I'll let you check on it and kindly let me know your thoughts :)

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Harbour 9
Jalan Imam Bonjol No.9 ( Jalan Mayor Jendral Sutoyo Siswomihardjo)
Medan, Sumatera Utara 20112, Indonesia


  1. Nice shots Cendwoo! Looks like a cool spot to drops by in Medan.

    1. thank you mas Bayu! yes, patut dicoba kalau lagi di Medan.