Friday, March 29, 2013

Soto Betawi Group

PIK which is stands for Pantai Indah Kapuk along with its never-ending new restaurants popping up like wild mushrooms. From Indonesian to Italian, from Italian to bubble tea, from bubble tea to Chinese foods, PIK have it all. Therefore, completely exploring PIK thoroughly will not be an easy task for anyone including those who lives nearby. And, another new Indonesian restaurant specializing in Soto Betawi  has emerged face to face with Ravino. 

There's nothing special with the place itself but personally i'm quite in love with their outdoor area but i think they need one big fan or whatever to cool us down. Their outdoor area looking quite lovely with light brown colored wooden touches dominating the area with beautiful lamp looks like chandeliers hanging on the ceiling. 

Soto Betawi Group is rather small comparing to any other competitors nearby but i love how they put wooden stairs connected to its outdoor area. I also can see they are quite detailed on their equipment such as ashtray and plates. They use strong looking black buffalo as their signature logo. 

I couldn't finished a plate of rice along with its dishes since i was way too full after had one super fulfilling lunch at CuppaCoffee then continued to Tea Time. But, somehow i managed to ate their specialized dishes there. Their rice came in generous portion with sprinkles of fragrant sprinkles of fried onions. 

I love how they cooked the eggs beautifully, is it not? Tasted quite good but it needs more savoriness and strong flavors on it. Tasted like my homemade fried rice thou. The plus point, i think they didn't use any preservatives or instant food flavorings since its taste clean in my mouth. Normally, when you eat tek-tek fried rice (nasi goreng tek-tek) you'll get that somewhat thirsty and awkward taste in your throat afterward. Not bad thou. 

I love this fried rice more, one quite spicy yet savory fried rice coated with omelet as its blanket. Their omelet also tasted yum. This one is good. But, i don't have too much to say about fried rice. It's good but not too special. Well, how about 7,5 from 10 for scoring? Good enough?

An authentic Indonesian dishes called Gado-gado also being served on the table. I love the peanut sauce was strong and taste good plus quite spicy as well. I love ketoprak better than gado-gado but Soto Betawi Group made me change a bit, in their place. I prefer their gado-gado rather than their ketoprak. The vegetables were fresh and good and the egg was well-seasoned too. Good one.

This is Ketoprak i was talking about, ketoprak is another indonesian dish usually comes with lontong, soun (angel hair) type of noodle and fried tofu then poured with delicious peanut sauce and crackers. Personally, i don't understand why those ketoprak sellers needs to use soun? I never thinks soun goes well with the other elements. Soto Betawi Group's tasted quite nice. But, i love their gado-gado more.

Soto Betawi from Soto Betawi Group came in milky kind of gravy with surprisingly good on the taste area, the flavors was right on the cup. Yum. If you're soto lovers i bet you'll love this. 

Not really a fan from Soto Betawi but i really am a fan of soto mie. Soto mie gravy is lighter with cleaner looking gravy. I love it! It wasn't too salty, it was good, it was my favorite among the others. Loving the fried things inside the bowl. I never known, is  it some kind of risol/lumpia which usually came along with soto mie. Ha, but who cares? Since it was good, i want more!

These satays looking good, eh? After i squeezed the lime, i started to it. I really how the sauce tasted fresh and good. But not too like how the satays texture were. It was quite hard, not juicy and tasted just okay. If they were juicy, tender. I will love it very much since i already fell in love with the sauce.

Soto Betawi Group could be an alternative for you, if you happen to be around PIK and wanting for some warm broth of soto to warmed you up or maybe you guys are on diet? you can sit outside, smoke some cigs then enjoyed a plate of their delicious gado-gado. They seriously needs a colder air-con inside and some fans outside. Other than that, it was quite nice to sit around and grab a plate of your favorite Indonesian dishes.

Ah, don't worry about the price range. They are quite ffordable. One soto will not cost you more than IDR 25.000

Soto Betawi Group
Rukan Bukit Golf Mediterania Blok C No.32
Pantai Indah Kapuk
(021) 95515968 

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