Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tea Time

Don't you guys getting bored with those overwhelming bubble tea outlets that keeps popping out from out of nowhere? For me, it is one never ending battles between the pleasure and the guilt. Spoiled by those sweet, refreshing, yet addictive in some kind of ways cup of tea is surely delightful before that guilt attacks you all over afterwards. But, what about if cup of bubble teas accompanied by delicious Taiwanese snacks? Can't you resist it? Me, myself just lost to them completely. Belly rules the mind, it's a matter of being pleased or pissed.

Pluit Village or formerly known best as Megamall is now looking quite deserted but there is one new Taiwanese snacks feat bubble tea outlet just stood up there. Tea Time is surely knows how to spoiled their customers with guilty pleasure. Looking minimalist with only few seats inside, Tea Time is quite popular, if you ask me. There were some customer took seats and looking happy ate their snacks by the time we got there. I also got the chance to met its owner along with his children and pretty wife. They were so humble and i wish them the best of luck.

Good services and quite of selections offered here. Dear, Pluit people don't hesitate to make your move here.

But, wait. I had one terrible experience dealing with impolite, uneducated, idiotic yet moronic random customer i ever dealing with. For the very first time of my life i had this one diabolical, annoying whatever you named it with one of grown up nerdy looking woman with a girl who appeared to be quite annoying as well. So i was there, by the time i was there, it was nearly empty beside those two morons. Pardon for being impolite, but i am also teenager, i'm young and fierce in order to be old and wise later on. So, i took some shots there to let you readers knows how the place or the foods looks like. Then this ugly duckling approached me with annoying tone "hey, what are you doing? sorry i don't feel comfortable that you took our pictures" I was like (eh, what is this bitch talking about?) So, i answered with brief annoyance :"eh? your pictures? i'm taking this place pictures and obviously not you" But, she still insisted to look upon my camera then asked me to delete the pictures. And you know what readers?? Those pictures just contained of her back and i accidentally took it. Just back without any single traces of her moronic face! I was like okay, there you'll have it, erase it all you want. My friends were also put grumpy face and explained it to her with also an annoying tone. She also said just because of us, she could get tired of visiting Tea Time with ease and it is definitely not my frickin business. Then she left and my friend said to her : " Be careful on your way to hell " Then she left and yes, she's deserved it. I am definitely not a bitch, but i can turn one if you push me to. Ah, this is just one of my terrible experience or curcol. Nothing correlated to any services or taste from the Tea Time itself. Ah, being a blogger could be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

Luckily this Boneless Crispy Chicken could make me happy again. I really love how good this chicken was. How chicken should be as its best and i really enjoyed this to my heart content. I enjoyed every bites of it yet i ate it slowly and it was painful when it was going to be empty soon. Oh, but tummy couldn't compromise more. So, i settled down and enjoyed a cup or two cup of their bubble tea. It was really good, the skins were crunchy and the meat was also tender, thick and yummy! Delicious till the end. No regrets. We can start to diet tomorrow, but that kind of tomorrow will never come.

 Hang on readers, are you ready for cups of guilty pleasures?

Strawberry Yoghurt 
My order, it came in one size only. Quite satiating thou if you ask me. One honest comment if i may, i don't like how the cup is looking rather cheap despite its tastes weren't cheap at all. You know, people is attracted with what virtually drew their attention and packaging is surely one of the most crucial and decisive factors that took a part. Therefore, i write this because i care and i know how good their bubble teas were! They were fabulous! I sucked a straw of it and murmured at heart, this is so much better than i've expected before. Sweet sour yakult mixed with strawberry and there were strawberry chunks inside and it was really refreshing touch. My friends who tasted it also thought the same with me. It is so good. You gotta have it. I chose my all time favorite coconut jelly as my topping and their coconut jelly was also so good, sweet and really enjoyable.

Milk Tea 
Personally not a fan of milk tea. This one is quite good thou but i couldn't enjoyed it as much as my friends since i am not fond of it. But, i bet if you love milk tea, you're gonna enjoy it as much as my friends did.

Ice Coffee
With coffee jelly as its topping, this shall became one really good coffee drink in bubble tea spot ever existed. The coffee tasted bold and rich with sweet mixture from the milk, it created one undeniably good coffee drink. Its coffee jelly was also yum..

Last but not least, i tried their Chocolate drink which is very very good. For me, it's as nearly as good as Come Buy's. Yes, Come Buy chocolate drinks are my all the time favorite and Tea Time chocolate drinks also have those from Come Buy which successfully attached me to. It was thick, not too sweet, strong chocolaty drink that made me taken over with my gluttony to finished it although it was my friend's. Recommended!

Not over yet, we also enjoyed this really much. They were fish balls or i should call them fish cakes. I could taste how good the fish inside.. For my sake, i could eat it for a full month along with their crispy chicken.

This is one honest review from me, you guys should give this a try as soon as possible especially when you guys are happens to be nearby. Just writing this review makes me want another bites of their chicken and bubble tea. The place itself was just standard but on the taste area, they were definitely not the standards for mere below 20k each cups even for the large cup. For some drinks the most expensive tag is 22k. Just how affordable is that?

Tea Time
Pluit Village
Ground Floor # No. 100
(T) .021-668 3822

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