About : Hotty Potty

Q : What is Hotty Potty?
Hotty Potty is a blog made especially for Jakartans as a consideration onto enjoying the gastro-scene of Jakarta. This is an invidual blog of mine which i do not get paid a penny for it , i pay what i eat .So you can expect an honest review from me . And of course it based on my personal taste and experiences

Q : Why Hotty Potty ?
I don't know , when i was planning to make a food blog , this name is the first name running through my mind i want something hot like from the oven, but let's make it a pot. it's cute , easy to remember , and somehow it's like a promising name , why not?

Q : When did Hotty Potty posted his first post ?
7 of August 2012

Q : Why Food blog ?
That's one simply question that everyone can answer .. Because I love to eat and feeling futile just to hang and eat . I need something to perpetuate it and share it with you, readers!

Q : Why using english , not Indonesian?
I'm still learning how to write in English , well , it's like to channeling my passion in writing and learning at once. Yes, don't expect me to type and post like a genius.. my post is more like an easy english where everyone can enjoy and read it at ease. No fancy things

Q : Where to contact if i have some inquiries / maybe i have a restaurant and i want you to review my restaurant ?
you can reach me via email : hottychowpotty@gmail.com
or via twitter : @cendwoo ( ps : i am online everyday and every second , muahahaha .. proudly / shamefully ? )

Q : Who are the inspirations for you to make this blog?
Actually i often did walking and attracted by it . But , the really one that made me wants to write is initial CR for the blog .. followed up by : Miss Ivy ( Ivy's life ) and any other blogs i accidentally stumbled upon before making this Hotty Potty

Q : Am i up for endorsement?
Yes, if they are food and can be delivered safely to my home.. please contact me first, if you are interested.

Q : Mind to promote my restaurant? or put & link my restaurant website?
The answer is no and oh i only state my honest opinion

Ok , that's all . Stay tune at Hotty Potty , keep rolling, keep drooling , comments are highly appreciated!

Savoured, Writen & Photographed by Cend Woo

Hotty Potty 

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