Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ming Dine & Chill

It's been a while since my last post.. Somehow i just kinda lost that grasp to blog, but finally, i started to getting that feeling back.

I never known before, there's a really nice Chinese restaurant on the topmost of Epiwalk, which i came here only for Otel lobby or Bluegrass. It was sort of a farewell invitation from Jenny, my dear friend who finally find her next stop destination. Best of luck, dear!

Upon arriving, i notice there's a bar with some of their collections. It's quite rare to see a Chinese restaurant with a bar, you know..  swaggy enough?

I think Ming set one high standard for Chinese restaurant, thinking of Chinese restaurants avant-garde. Surprisingly huge with some private rooms with minimum purchase. I just love their interior, they definitely gives a classy touch toward the entire restaurant. Friendly services either. What's not to love?

smoking area

Prosecuting tea revolution as its theme, every dishes accompanied with different kind of teas as its pairing. Not a tea kind of person, proven by my almost-never habit not to order tea as washing down company, instead chocolates, and mocktails. So, i can't give much comments on the teas because basically it tasted just much the same for me. Pardon me.

Steamed Chicken Char Siew Cheong Fan, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Truffle Dumpling with Wild Fungus paired with Chrysanthenum tea

I had this trio as appetizer, their steamed shrimp dumpling came as my most favorite compared to the other two. Delicate dumpling with splashing shrimp stuffing, delicious. While, both of cheong fan and truffle were standard. 

Steamed Fish Fillet with Taiwanese Black Bean paired with Oolong Green tea

Definitely a spoonful of pleasure. Pretty soft steamed fish fillet with appealing black bean taste (Taosi). It was delicious, healthy because it is a fish and steamed. What can i ask for more? I could eat this all day, all night without feeling guilty.

Japanese Handmade Noodles with Handmade sauce and Crabmeat paired with Black tea.

A bit thick type of noodle with quite an amount of crab meat. Bit soggy with not so much savoriness going on. I prefer if it was savory with balance sweet taste. But, gotta appreciate the generous crab meats given.

Emperor Chicken paired with Black tea

This was a special menu that haven't been launched yet. This spectacular made in progress chicken dish carrying IDR 350.000++ price tag. As an emperor, this chicken got the privilege to be protected by a hard shell made from clay. During its cooking proccess, i could smell a fragrant smell came from the clay. After quite some times, the clay cracked down by a blunt tool then crack! finally, the emperor chicken reveal itself. It was fragrant, you can smell ginger-ly appetizing smell from the chicken along with its other components inside. I love how the chicken was so tender and complicated with their unique seasonings. On the other hand, as a person whose ginger isn't my favorite thing on plate.. That ginger-ly after taste was a bit overwhelming. Overall, this is a pretty delicious and healthy dish.

Deep Fried Sesame Ball with Salted Egg Filling paired with Long Jing

If Miley has her wrecking balls, then Ming has its own addictive sesame balls. Careful, it's hot. Got to bite it slowly because the yolk filling inside could burst out at any moment. I love how the yolk melted and tasted sweet but a bit salty at the same time. They did deep fried the sesame balls, it was crunchy and went so well its filling. Accompanied with laboratory kind of serving beverage which beautifully consists of two colors. If my memory didn't fail me, it was a mixture from guava and orange. Exquisito.

Dear discount hunters, you might wanna see this.

Cozy Chinese restaurant with edgy interior, good foods and friendly services. You guys should try their sesame balls which for sale/pieces. 好运 Ming Dine & Chill!

Ming Dine and Chill
Epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum
2nd Floor Unit #318-330
Jakarta Selatan 12940

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cena Romantica a ULTIMO

Before i went to Bali, i already warned my friends that i have to, must to, take up no reasons not to visit this renowned Italian restaurant which is located at the busy Seminyak street. I didn't know what makes me craves so much for this Ultimo whereas i never been to, or frankly speaking experiencing it. But, surely there was some kind of magnet that dragged me despite the bustle and haste of having flight straight after this last dinner we had in Bali.

To reassure i've made the right decision especially as our last dinner where routines seems happily waiting behind the clouds, i took some times surfing Ultimo, many good reviews raving in and surprised how friendly the prices are. It literally took three days just to got our seats. I chose location by the garden where every tables covered with white and red table cloth as much as is proper in an Italian fine dining. 

The services were helpful, prompt and friendly. I love how the ambiance was intimately enlivening our night. Yes, it took quite a long time to got the foods ready. Luckily, a basket of complimentary breads on our tables managed to prop the starve. No complains goes to their freshly baked complimentary bread, it smelled good and tasted good especially the cheese sticks. It was addictive, didn't realize tho it was nearly empty ended up by me.

their table arrangement with a basket of complimentary with a scoop of butter. I don't know what butter they used but it was so good paired up with the freshly baked bread. 

Creamy Lime Crush and Ultimo Punch IDR 25.000/each

My favorites were these dynamic duo.. both were refreshing and sweet. Tbh, i forgot the details because it is a postpone post for about 3-4months now. The only let down was a drink called True Colors which tasted quite bland for me. 

Large Grilled Seafood IDR 60.000

Grilled squids and a shrimp topped with garlic sauce. The vegetables were crunch and seasoned. Actually, it was quite good.. Too bad, the squids were quite hard to chew. 

Small Filetto Pepe Verde IDR 68.000

Beef fillet with delicious mashed potato on side. A fantastic dish where the beef was so tender and the flavors were all there.. The sauce was seriously good. I mean, even i tasted this about 3-4months ago. I can still remember how good it was. I dare you to find this kind of menu for 68k in a good dining place at Jakarta. I bet you won't find it. I could tasted a hint of brandy though. 

Large Dori Fish IDR 80.000 (the bill said so)

I vaguely remember what kind of sauce they used for this dish. But as i recalling back it was zesty with bit lemon tasted like. Rest assured, the dori itself was juicy and again, seasoned beautifully like Gordon Ramsay said. What i love from Ultimo is, they care even the tiny bit details such as the vegetables. They really gave each of their vegetables a justice. Oh, their mashed potato included. Every of their mashed potatoes served on our plates were soft, creamy but not too much. 

Panacota IDR 27.000

That raspberry sauce below tasted too sour even for me.. i couldn't handle it. However, the panacota was perfect! It was milky and everything a good panacota should be.

Zabaione IDR 35.000

It supposed to be Zabaglione, but the bill said different. It was my very first time to tried this Italian dessert made from egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine. The texture was creamy and foamy. Again, i think they used the same kind of raspberry sauce like what they did on their panacota. Too eccentric even for my palate. Not a fan of this dessert i must say. One thing that matter the most is : Hey, i've tried Zabaglione! 

I really enjoyed times we spent here at Ultimo. Generous portion, romantic ambiance, competitive price, wide menu selections, great services and top of that.. the tax was only 10%. That's all! Trust me, this is a rare finding. I'll definitely pay a second visit when i happened to be around. Although we rushed our way back to airport, it was definitely worth it. 

Jl Kayu Aya 104X Oberoi-Seminyak
Kuta, Bali 80361
SMS : 08175768555
Phone : 0361738720

Sunday, September 22, 2013

C's Steak : Asian Wok do the Talk

The number one hit list playing non-stop in my brain when it comes to Sunday is : (Damn, tomorrow is Monday and i have to figure it out what are good reasons to skip classes tomorrow?) Ha! kidding..


Although i didn't want skip any classes at the moment BUT that temptation came in my mail, one of them was from C's Steak (Grand Hyatt) to attend bloggers lunch date, precisely to tried their Asian Wok promotion which already started from 16-29 September 2013. Just grab it while its hot. 

A bit worrisome as i came out last that afternoon because i missed out big times including their Amuse Bouche. Luckily, i managed catching up with the others and tried (a spoon or two spoons) every of the dishes. Our lunch date remind me of how a group of friends sharing one same passion having delicious lunch together in an upscale Chinese restaurant. 

C's also dedicating on providing more or bit less than 3000 wine collections with special kind of wine machine that lives those bottles of good way much longer. 

Without any further ado, here what Asian Wok was all about.

Kway Teow Seafood black bean sauce IDR 115.000

White and chewy textured kway teow with thick black bean sauce bombarded with generous seafood toppings and tofus. This one is delicious moreover they cooked the tofus into perfection where the tofus were smooth and tasted bold. All the components were just beautifully synch. 

Cauliflower with  Shrimp, ginger and garlic IDR 100.000

Healthy and delicious, the flavors were there soaked into the prawns and broccoli. I ate quite a lot of the broccoli simply because it's healthy. They cooked the shrimps beautifully, juicy and tender while that clear broth tasted nice and savory with quite strong gingerly scent. 

Proudly present : C's Lamb fried rice IDR 486.000

I know what you are thinking right now!! And, here i am answered your wondering thoughts of why, why and WHY.. Why a mere lamb fried rice cost half a million including tax? Because, it really worth the tag.. 

To sum it up

why #1 
Because it tasted out of this world, means super delicious thats enough to really turned on that gluttonous button inside of me. Mean to be shared with 3 peoples, but no thanks.. I don't want to.

why #2
Generous amounts of lamb cooked into perfection ; tender, flavorful and orgasmic.

WHY #3
That feeling when you eat something so scrumptious enough to dare you to state, okay, this is the most delicious fried rice i ever had in my whole existence (so far..)

Really, i hope they will reconsider on reducing the price though.. 

Organic spinach noodles with vegetables IDR 100.000

Healthier version of your everyday fried noodles, made from the mixture from flour and organic spinach. I musy say this one was quite decent but definitely my less favorite. Dear healthier person aim to be : this one is a perfect alternative upon enjoying both tasty and healthy hearty meal. 

Frog legs Sichuan style IDR 100.000

Frog legs or better known as Swikee is an ingredient that (most likely) would turned into something dashing if it handled by the right hands. My last time stumbled upon this swikee thing was about many years ago. Lucky, i can tasted it once more... Hmm, soft swikee accompanied by delicious poured sweet, bit spicy and savory Sichuan sauce. It would be more delicious if eaten by bare hands but no..

Organic chili noodles with minced beefs, spicy garlic and oyster sauce IDR 115.000

Crispy textured noodles resembles ifumie in every possible way (ofc, it is an ifumie) with yummy toppings. Now, some of the attendance said it was spicy whereas it didn't that spicy for me. I love that rich sensation when it happened to be eaten with that bit soupy toppings. 

Spicy Tofu with vegetables, chinese cabbage and chili IDR 95.000

Another satisfying tofu menu, nicely fried on the outside while soft and smooth on the inside. That chili definitely giving an additional kick toward the dish.

Nothing fancy? I second that on appearance.. but, keep reading..

Didn't expect all of those ice creams would turned out great! All of them were enjoyable with distinctive differences. 

My heart went to Mango ice cream because i was in the mood for something cold and refreshing. Lovely mango ice cream with vivid mango taste and right level of sourness. The others were also really satisfying especially their chocolate ice cream which tasted so chocolaty and milky plus it wasn't too sweet. But, i really couldn't chose between chocolate or strawberry, surprisingly their strawberry ice cream as milky as well and really soft. I bet coffee lovers will tip their hats off for the coffee ice cream, strong coffee taste and aroma. While truffle is more like a peanut-y chocolate taste. As for you who seeks another refreshing sensation, just dig that raspberry ice cream out. Fantabulous.  All of those goods came along with too sweet tuile

Thank you C's for having me, it was such a lovable luncheon. All the foods were pretty amazing though. Man, i just crave for their lamb fried rice right now.. 

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant
Hours :
Lunch - 12.00 pm to 15.00 pm daily
Dinner - 18.00 pm to 22.10 pm daily

4th floor Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Jl.M.H Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
(021) 2992 1234


Thursday, September 19, 2013


No matter how much times has passed or many restaurants keeps popping. My heart always stays for this one. Been here once, it was like 1-2 years ago when i wasn't a food blogger and finally! i went there just yesterday and decided to make the review a.s.a.p because by far, their red velvet still ranked as the best red velvet in town (at least for me) and as long as i remember if memory don't failed me, Union was the first one whose red velvet booming in no time.

Full house during lunch hour, well.. i've expected this much and so, i put my name on their waiting list. Not long after that, they called me to informed me that my non-smoking seat was ready. I think this place needs no introduction further more since i seriously think everyone already knows it, good or bad.

Talking about the interior, nothing changes much or maybe at all.. I love how the sunlight naturally illuminate through the black glass windows. It was packed and quite noisy but the services are still first class. Despite the hustle, the waiter took our orders in no time, the foods were fast enough to reached our table, and their waiter could explained the foods in detail, friendly and at the end of the day, he took two good shots of me and my friend.

Pardon this narcissistic selfie 
and.. yes.. this timing rule still applied even on this very hour.
this is what i called complimentary bread. warm, fluffy, fresh baked bread with good quality of butter. 

It took a while for us to figured it out, what to order.. our choices went to

Tropic Berry IDR 55.000

Life is Good IDR 55.000

Both of us chose something which hopefully turned out to be refreshing beverages. Not too impressed with their Tropical Berry because it wasn't too refreshing, almost tasteless for me. Not sweet, not sour. Just where this berry was? But.. Life is Good surely remind me why life has been good lately and drinking something so fresh like this one is another one of the reasons why. It was sweet and really refreshing with all of those clicking mixtures in one glass. The only thing i could complained was.. too much ices. 

Braised Osso Buco ((braised beef shank) IDR 130.000

A generous portion of scrumptious beef shank served with delicate mashed potato below and sauce. The sauce was a bit oily if you ask me but seriously, i love this dish. For me, the components were completed each others. The beef shank was soft and tender. The sauce was also delicious. What's not to love? My friend also love this very much. I'm glad i made a right choice. Fulfilling dish.

Crispy Pork Belly IDR 130.000

My friend felt a big time guilty but don't left the pleasure behind ; because for her, it was too fatty then she afraid she will gain kilos after eating it. For me, yes.. it was fatty and thick but tasted wonderful! I really really love it especially when eaten with their sauce. Honestly, i don't know what was the sauce they used below the porks or even that shiny and oily brown-ish sauce. What i know is : it tasted superb and that's all i need to know. Literally one of the best pork bellies i've ever eaten. Ah.. and that crunchies on top deserves no other word beside : magnifique.

Red Velvet IDR 55.000
Union Made is Well Made ; IKR! that clean plate of red velvet is definitely one authentic proof

Back then it was only IDR 50.000 if i'm not mistaken. And.. yes, here i am proudly stating Union's red velvet still ranked as #1 in my heart. While Mad For Garlic's ranked as #2 bearing the same price tag as Union's. What made Union different from the others, i think it is the crispy peanuts topping covering the cake which giving that addictive crunch crunch while enjoying the delicacy delivered from the cream cheese and the moist beetroot-y textured cake. I LOVE (yes, with capitals) it. Moreover, the portion is huge.. Ladies, to dodge that guilty pleasure syndrome later on. Please, share it with me =P. I even ordered another of it for take away.

the take away appearance. yes.. after a really full lunch at Union. We were waiting for my friend and happened to be sat again at Momi's & Toys which served Japanese cold creepes. Been twice here and their creepes were superb! 

And there it goes..Union successfully spoiled my tummy and no.. this time our tummies happily.. We were really full since the portion was generously big.. Though some of my friends didn't like Union for some reasons.. But, for me. Union still strikes me back to come back anytime soon.. Maybe, their Cronut is another good reason why i have to? But.. no, this journey wasn't over yet.. Then we rushed to Potato Head Garage for early dinner with bloated tummies. Doh!

Plaza Senayan Ground Flr (inside Sogo)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57905861