Thursday, June 25, 2015

Belle Et Petite : Cake Bites!

HELLO READERS! If i still have any. When i looked at my stats, I was like
DAMN gurl.. No one reads this anymore just around 100 views/day

First of all, i'd like to say sorry for not being active for almost 2 years at Hotty Potty


To tell you the truth


I've got no passion to spill ink on this blog again! idk why, it just occurred to me.

It was like bam! one day i became so active on writing this blog. The next day, i just don't feel writing at all.

Today, i've decided to write again HURRAY. Who's excited? i bet no one. Oh dear no one.
And i'll do my best (who cares anyway? *insert crying emoticon here*)


Yesterday, i got 15 delicious bites from Belle Et Petite. In case you guys don't know about it. Just click BELLE ET PETITE 

I took a bite of their's red velvet flavor and yum!
Coated with tough chocolate outside but so soft inside almost melted in my mouth
In fact, inside was a red velvet cake. So yum!
And it turned out to be my most favorite

Their cookies and cream ( the white one topped with cookies or chocolate idk)
It was also so good. Felt like i had cookies and cream beverage in a form of bites.

The others were okay, Not a fan of their peanut flavor though

I knew this Belle Et Petite since long time ago. From Instagram to Pacific Place
Damn, it must be hella of a journey.

Like they said, "hard work never betrays anyone" seemed true as shit
I've tried their macaroon once and it tasted good. My friend ordered it online and as long as i remember it costed her around IDR 12.000/pc

Nonetheless, best of luck Belle El Petite.

Pacific Place Mall, Lantai 4, 
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Jakarta

021 57973599