Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It is almost 2 years since my last post. I don't even know why i'm writing this. It is frickin almost 9 o clock and i'm starving. Nothing to do.. So, yeaa... It's amazing how food blogs weren't so famous back then. And, now like BOOM SHAKALAKA. I remember when people were like staring weirdly at me for taking food pictures or restaurants and now everything seems so normal and common.

To be honest i kinda miss attending those restaurants invitations, meeting new friends with the same love for food. I just do.

So, one of my best girls were coming to town. It was a really nice meeting over lunch. Sadly, she's going back to Shanghai and London anytime soon. I went to Olivier straight after class. It is located just beside Mad for Garlic. There was a big stained glass door with Olivier sign on it. The workers were all polite and prompt. 

Dominated by the dark colored furniture all over the place, this place gave quite an expensive impression upon entering. It was a lovely afternoon, i just love chilling at this place and had a quality chat with my date. 

The welcome bread was tasty, we finished them all hahaha. Moreover, that butter to spread was so good with peppery hint. 

Risotto with sauteed squid and crunchy pork skin (IDR 98.000) 
I don't know if i can use the word al-denter for risotto but it had that really good texture that i like. It was satisfying. Flavorful, The squids were fresh, mine came with some pork cuts also despite the menu said "pork skin" yay. I love every spoon of it. 

Caesar salad, charred lettuce, with grilled chicken (IDR 85.000)
We were on seriously serious diet. Since after this olivier kinda trip. We were going to eat sumoboo, and honey glazed chicken from kkuldak. You know, i am not a fan of salad, really. I never order salad in a restaurant. Then, i tried this and i like it. I love the dressing. I don't know what kind of dressing it was. Kinda tangy but fresh yet a bit sweet at the same time. Of course, i wouldn't bother myself to check what was it since i don't know if i'm going to write again lol. 

Truffle french fries. I don't know if it cost more than olivier's ordinary french fries or nah but it was so good. I am a hardcore fan of truffle. haha how i wish we all have foods with truffle in it for daily basis. 

So, that's all. It was one quick meal. After we bought sumoboo's nutella bomb and kkuldak. We rushed to our friend's and left our sumoboo at car without realizing it because we were chatting like ggedgfegvfrvegferebfri haha. bye readers, I hope you guys still remember Hotty Potty! (that's if i still have some left) hahaha. adieu! 

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town 
UG Floor, West Mall 
(Next to Mad For Garlic)
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 
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