Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Review : Go Wagyu Steak

Just about 2 days ago i had one fine steak tasting at SteakHotel by Holycow! and yesterday my friend insisted to eat her self-proclaimed best steak restaurant at Central Park Mall named Go Wagyu Steak. The place itself just your ordinary restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a place to eat and enjoy your wagyu.

I had Go Wagyu X around IDR 70.000 after tax. This tender and juicy wagyu has through some special cooking processes before it served to customer's tables. Their black pepper sauce was condensed and tasty. I enjoyed every bites of it and not to mention, their pudding looking mashed potato was also quite good. Those greens were nicely cooked and at the end, there were nothing left on the plate. yum!

Go Wagyu Steak 1 IDR 58.000. So, there were 3 types of cooking technique at Go Wagyu. The numbers shows on how wagyu was cooked according to fat levels. number 1 is the most fatty wagyu. Felt sinfully fatty after a bite, it was oily, greasy, but tasted yummy at the same time. Oh, dear... I prefer their black pepper sauce rather than BBQ. Their BBQ sauce was nothing out of ordinary.

While my starving friend had their Chicken Cordon Bleu around 30-40k, didn't check on it. It was quite crispy and enjoyable. This may quench your crave toward good and affordable chicken meal.

Had a glass of Lime Water IDR 18.000. Oh my Gah! It was so sour. My face even pursed due to the high sourness level, But, lime water is good for your health, right? It's good to wash away those fats with a glass of lime water. Also, it also works as cleanser.

I had satisfying wagyu experience at Go Wagyu. i was also crave for it while writing this review. I will definitely come back for more bites!

Go Wagyu Steak
Central Park Mall ( Tribeca Upperground )
Jakarta Barat, 11480


  1. you have quite a great hobby :D hahaha I would like to try too sometime when i come back to indonesia last year my friend and I made a bet, the loser has to buy the winner wagyu steak whew it's great that it is not that expensive in this restaurant i imagined it would be around 400 k : p

    1. aw, thank you.. It's a must when you happen to be around at Indonesia. :p