Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Indomie Abang Adek : HOT HOT HOT !!

Who lives in West of Jakarta especially Tomang , if you haven't heard this phenomenal Indomie food stall , you better pack your belongings and find somewhere else to live ( i'm just kidding !! don't kill me ) Me , myself has been countless times visits this place and still do sometimes at night after quality times with some good friends which usually is on Saturday . It is really famous for their insane level of spiciness . From the bottom to top they are all so spicy . Even for the regular level of spiciness , it is very spicy!

So , for those who can't eat spicy food you better not order any of those spicy level. Unless you want to see yourself with a red , big and sexy lips afterwards and yes i did it . My lips was so sexy back then and i just ate their "sedang" level and so wondering how their "Pedas Mampus" taste like !? it must be super crazy , yes i am not exaggerating . It must be pretty crazy.

Basically their main ingredient is your favorite Indomie . I mean who doesn't loves Indonesia's instant noodles called Indomie seleraku? uh okay enough with the ad. So here's the picture which doesn't look spicy at all .

Hosh hosh. Sweated a lot while eating this sedang ( medium ) only level . Tasted like indomie ( of course =__= ) but tastier than what we usually makes at home with ham and their special chili ..
And not to mention the effect caused by this medium only level . Whereas , me is someone who fond of spicy foods and can eat it.. and suffered the effect afterwards but it was indeed a good suffering .
It'll cost you around 15k for a plate of their indomie with ham & cheese. yum!

And beside indomie they also offered toasts with many flavors. I ordered their choco cheese toast

Tasted good also , like what the other toasts stall offered. I felt no differences . They are all yummy . What could wrong a nicely toasted bread with chocolate granules and cheese ?? Start from 8k

Well , the place itself is a little bit dirty ( you can see it in my photos ) , and they have quite many workers but the services are slow. The last time i was there , it took half an hour plus plus without exaggerating , yes it was that long just to enjoy their indomie also the drinks were also took quite a long time to came in my table and IT IS ALWAYS PACKED. the founder also awarded with The exemplary entrepreneur . I'm so definetly craving for their spicy indomie while writing this

Indomie Abang Adek
Phone: (021) 565-7988
Jl. Mandala Utara No. 8, Tomang, Jakarta


  1. hahaha udah lama pengen cobain tp belom kesampean!
    I'm feeling confident in challenging the spicy indomie :p

    1. Seriously ini pedesnya sih super banget . At first I was so confident that I could at least bisa makan yang pdes level nya! Omg

  2. pas gw ajakin lo kaga mau lo ya.
    tiba2 udah ngepost aja tentang abang adek.

    musuhan aja yuk?

    1. I think I know who you are!! A bitch with big belly! Wohooow... Ah serius ini mah kapan aja jg bs *kibas poni