Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shutting Down at Pad@28

Standing gallantly fueled by two upright white pretty pillars on the corner of Jalan Senopati and the road that takes you to SCBD , pad@28 which i believe stand for padkeeper28 adding itself as an another alternative place to rejuvenates yourself after faced a week of hectic bustle , i found this restaurant is a really good one . Their strong and bold outward appearance strengthened by their balmy , cozy , and engrossed interiors inside that i'm sure will make you extend your stay longer . I believe this place just about to make hits and splashes for active Jakartans who loves to hunts good places for shutting down a little while , having quality times with their fellas or just plain to enjoy good foods in a good place.                              

Did you notice the cushions are different between each other ?

As i stepped inside , i was infatuated with their chic and homey design with well-trained waiter and waitresses who not too pushy , too formal and lazy at giving good services. Actually , there's a point where i kinda dissapointed ( just a really really bit ) was when i ordered a duck confit but it was unavailable then i traded my order with monk fish , a waiter said he went to checked it out first . I've been waiting about 20minutes ( yes that long ) until i called one of their waiter to revised what i ordered . Another 20minutes have passed ( i am not exaggerating ) until eventually my dish was on my table. Despite of that little messed up , i was really enjoying my stay waiting for my dish to came.

i really really love their leather menus that resemble an agenda . .

Our night makers beside the laughs

left : Moroccan Mint ( 35k ) , middle : Mocktail Grape & Honeyslings ( 45k ) , right : Van Mint & Cranberry Crush ( 45k )
Beverages comes first because of course we were thirsty .
Moroccan Mint : i don't know what this drink consists of since i am not a bartender , barista , whatever you name it. But , it was refreshing , unique , tasted like apple mojito and i could tasted the mints.
Grape & Honeyslings : Another refreshing yet shocking mocktail . I could tasted the honey just a little bit and grape but for a reason this is drink is kinda boozed , in spite of it , it was another woke up call.
Van Mint & Cranberry Crush : I found this one quite similar with my grape&honeyslings in terms of taste . But , i prefer this one since it wasn't that boozed . Again and again it was another winning streak

Overall , i enjoyed our choices of their mocktails , while Edo ( my friend who wears glasses ) just simply enjoying his lemon tea for 35k.

Button Mushrooms ( 35k )
A crispy and savory mushrooms wrapped in flour served with mayo , it was yum . A perfect opening for the entrees .

left : Grilled Salmon ( 120k ) , right : Monk Fish ( 109k )
Grilled Salmon : I must say that i am impressed with their mashed potato , i could still munched some of the imperfect mashed potato pieces . But, it was so good an equivalent to delicious Tin Pan's mashed potato. Salmon was quite well-seasoned but unfortunately the skin wasn't crispy  . The meat was cooked in a good maturity level . Overall it was satiated.
Monk Fish : There are several potatoes underneath the monk fish , the potatoes were so good flavored with seasoning that condiment with seasoning powder which usually fried potato stand at supermarket often sells. The fish was good , fragrant , the skin was kinda crisp too but for me the meat was a bit plain .

Wagyu Meat Balls ( 65k )
I was kinda wow-ed when i first saw this dish presented on the table . I thought it must be spicy seen from the appearance but it wasn't . Tasted like bolognaise and the wagyu meatballs was good also . I wish they enlarge the portion . Garlic breads were okay but not crispy and a little bit tough.

Organic Boneless Chicken ( 85k )
Consists of two pieces of tempting chickens that were large enough layered in a kind of soy sauces with spices on it . The chickens meat were tender and yum . it was well marinated . yum! too bad it was Edo's .

After finished our dinner . We found ourselves enjoying a game of monopoly provided there . I came as the richest . wohoooww

They also provided the other games such as Sudoku and other games .

ah . love it . I found a treasure box at pad@28 ! lol

My Dear Weekender , let me introduce you . Ahem! .... < : Theresia , Me , > Katherine , >> Edo
Thanks for your great hospitality pad@28 . We really enjoy ourselves of visiting , with decent foods , good friends to share and laughs also great place to hang . What else could i ask for ? :)

Jalan Tulodong Atas 28, Jakarta
(Near Senopati)
Tel: +62-21 527 4088
Facebook: Pad@28 

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