Sunday, October 14, 2012

RumoRoso : House of Flavors

Stand under the same roof with the worldwide Tony Roma's , here's RumoRoso with its authenticity trying to ingratiate jakarta's Southerner . Precisely located at Senayan City's apartment . By the power of words , i heard that this minimalist yet chic restaurant offers delicious Indonesian's flavors pizzas such as : balado and rendang . Curiosity could kill a cat , so that day i'm happily sat beautifully and listening the explanation from the manager and the owner about their pizza , concept and target . One of the waitresses looked cool with tattoo at her hand could explained about the beverages very well , well done .

With wood flooring , and wooden touches almost everywhere . RumoRoso gives that homey feeling with quiet and calm ambiance that suits well for those who wants a quiet quality my me time or maybe doing works. Personally , i like this place . And anyway they are planning to expand the place by tear down the wall which can be an outdoor area . I'm so looking forward their outdoor area and definitely will check it out ..

The Foods

Opened by the appetizing Chicken Quasadillas , one bite and i'm in love . outside it was crisp and inside i was complacent with its rich fillings that i could really tasted the cheese inside that literally like melted in mouth strengthened by its others components such as the sliced chicken meats , red paprika and the sauce . It is one wonderful appetizer and i'm not exaggerating but it is maybe one of the best quasadillas i ever ate ..

After opened by such a lovely appetizer of course i demanded more , unfortunately , this Aglio Olio Beef couldn't exceeded my expectation and estimate . It was too dry but at least tasted-wise . It was like the flavors and the seasoning was exploited by the pasta but within the pasta i couldn't tasted the strong flavors . Lucky, the spicy from the red cayenne peppers helped .

I was really excited when a waitress served it on the table ( of course i wasn't showing it ) it smelled really good , evoked my appetite wildly . Crunch , one bit and ..... ah ... it was really good , everything on this Balado Pizza was blend beautifully by taste and yes , it wasn't any other pizza like what you usually eats at pizza hut / other outlets . It has its own authenticity in flavors . It's a fusion between Italian and Indonesian ..

Next one is the Pepperoni Pizza , inside was rich with cheese .. as a cheesy person ( uh? ) i love this pizza . Inside filled with rich cheese but didn't make me felt nauseated or sick . It was well-balanced , it was enjoyable . Not that fantastic but it was worth of trying .

The last but not least , in fact this should be the star , this Rendang Pizza is their signature pizza , i could tasted their rendang flavors , but to be honest it wasn't the type of rendang flavor i love , if it's more salty just a little bit , stronger , savory it would be my favorite . That's back to everyone's taste of course . We did a vote before about what's your favorite ? and mostly they had the same opinion as mine . We really enjoyed , loved and lulled by their Balado Pizza .

The Beverages 

Like a deep ocean , look at the left pic , i was accidentally mixed it up . it was like effervesced and form a small foam .. And when you mixed everything up , the colors changed into deep blue color like carbolic acid . When exposed to sunlight the colors will change into purple .. It's Blue Diamond , it was sweet , and refreshing . Tasted nicely carbonated , if i remember correctly it was a mixture from blue Italian soda with something something syrup . I love this one .

I always thinks that lychee tea is B-O-R-I-N-G . Usually , when i am in a boring restaurant , don't know what to drink , i ordered the boring lychee tea . But , Rumoroso has changed my mindset a little bit . Their Lychee Tea is sweet fit , good , didn't stingy put a generous amount of lychee .. Overall it was a good lychee tea . Was it the best lychee tea i ever drank? hmm.. let me see . Maybe yes.

Errrkkkk....ok , it's a Kiwi Strawberry Mocktail . I couldn't tasted the kiwi , Dear kiwi , where the hell were you? what i could tasted was a water mixed with somewhat tasteless strawberry . Just sucked a straw .

After tasted that super something Strawberry Kiwi mocktail . I demanded for something fresh to purged the sins. Here she come Shanghai Night , a looking good yellow drink with fruit shavings inside and i was absolutely could tasted those fruits and ate it.  This is my number 2 favorite after their pretty blue diamond.

The Desserts

Hoped this tiny-cute looking Blueberry Chessecake would turned out to be the perfect ending after the entrees .. Yes , my expectation was right . it was smooth , the type of cakes which would melted in mouth .. it was on the right amount of sweetness level .

And Chocolate Cake .. tasted just ordinary , i wish the texture was a little bit softer . ( a little bit ) or just made the texture like how they made the blueberry cheesecake .

" RumoRoso was successfully made my Friday evening to a brighter Friday . Well , it was surely a good friday . Started with good times at RumoRoso , also thank you for the good hospitality and services . Everyone were so nice .. Am so looking forward for our next meeting within 3months when the outdoor area is ready and the new menus are added  "

so the themes was blue jeans .. actually it's not a jeans shirt instead a jeans jacket . But i wore it that way

Apartment Senayan City Residence
phone : 021 7278 1095


  1. love your statement about lychee tea haha
    I'm just too curious to try Rendang Pizza :9

    thanks for sharing CendWoo :)

    1. yes , you definitely try their pizzas really soon , they are all good
      and about that lychee tea hahaha because it is boring!

      thanks for dropping by ! :)

  2. i can see you have better pics. new camera? haha, thanks for coming!

    1. Ga ush sok2 anonymous deh yaa .. Hahaha.. Suree, thanks for inviting too !

  3. Hello, Madam Cen-cen. Great review as always and better quality of pics. :)

    keep up the good work!


    1. Halooo enduddd... Thank you for the compliment ! :)