Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cena Romantica a ULTIMO

Before i went to Bali, i already warned my friends that i have to, must to, take up no reasons not to visit this renowned Italian restaurant which is located at the busy Seminyak street. I didn't know what makes me craves so much for this Ultimo whereas i never been to, or frankly speaking experiencing it. But, surely there was some kind of magnet that dragged me despite the bustle and haste of having flight straight after this last dinner we had in Bali.

To reassure i've made the right decision especially as our last dinner where routines seems happily waiting behind the clouds, i took some times surfing Ultimo, many good reviews raving in and surprised how friendly the prices are. It literally took three days just to got our seats. I chose location by the garden where every tables covered with white and red table cloth as much as is proper in an Italian fine dining. 

The services were helpful, prompt and friendly. I love how the ambiance was intimately enlivening our night. Yes, it took quite a long time to got the foods ready. Luckily, a basket of complimentary breads on our tables managed to prop the starve. No complains goes to their freshly baked complimentary bread, it smelled good and tasted good especially the cheese sticks. It was addictive, didn't realize tho it was nearly empty ended up by me.

their table arrangement with a basket of complimentary with a scoop of butter. I don't know what butter they used but it was so good paired up with the freshly baked bread. 

Creamy Lime Crush and Ultimo Punch IDR 25.000/each

My favorites were these dynamic duo.. both were refreshing and sweet. Tbh, i forgot the details because it is a postpone post for about 3-4months now. The only let down was a drink called True Colors which tasted quite bland for me. 

Large Grilled Seafood IDR 60.000

Grilled squids and a shrimp topped with garlic sauce. The vegetables were crunch and seasoned. Actually, it was quite good.. Too bad, the squids were quite hard to chew. 

Small Filetto Pepe Verde IDR 68.000

Beef fillet with delicious mashed potato on side. A fantastic dish where the beef was so tender and the flavors were all there.. The sauce was seriously good. I mean, even i tasted this about 3-4months ago. I can still remember how good it was. I dare you to find this kind of menu for 68k in a good dining place at Jakarta. I bet you won't find it. I could tasted a hint of brandy though. 

Large Dori Fish IDR 80.000 (the bill said so)

I vaguely remember what kind of sauce they used for this dish. But as i recalling back it was zesty with bit lemon tasted like. Rest assured, the dori itself was juicy and again, seasoned beautifully like Gordon Ramsay said. What i love from Ultimo is, they care even the tiny bit details such as the vegetables. They really gave each of their vegetables a justice. Oh, their mashed potato included. Every of their mashed potatoes served on our plates were soft, creamy but not too much. 

Panacota IDR 27.000

That raspberry sauce below tasted too sour even for me.. i couldn't handle it. However, the panacota was perfect! It was milky and everything a good panacota should be.

Zabaione IDR 35.000

It supposed to be Zabaglione, but the bill said different. It was my very first time to tried this Italian dessert made from egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine. The texture was creamy and foamy. Again, i think they used the same kind of raspberry sauce like what they did on their panacota. Too eccentric even for my palate. Not a fan of this dessert i must say. One thing that matter the most is : Hey, i've tried Zabaglione! 

I really enjoyed times we spent here at Ultimo. Generous portion, romantic ambiance, competitive price, wide menu selections, great services and top of that.. the tax was only 10%. That's all! Trust me, this is a rare finding. I'll definitely pay a second visit when i happened to be around. Although we rushed our way back to airport, it was definitely worth it. 

Jl Kayu Aya 104X Oberoi-Seminyak
Kuta, Bali 80361
SMS : 08175768555
Phone : 0361738720