Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good foods, Annoying Time at Hongkong Cafe

This well known restaurant at Central Park Mall surely has indulged some foodies with their good foods and reasonable prices. Me, myself has marked this place as one of my favorites when i happened to be around this stuffy and crowded mall. Inside was quite spacious with old timber colored flooring and family type dining tables. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ninotchka : Once is Never Enough

Been countless times visiting this cute coffee parlor, for some reasons this diner successfully attracts me to come over and over again. Reviewed it before ( CLICK ) Established as one of the hippest venue around Citra Garden residential area, i really think Ninotchka doesn't needs any promotions to jack up its name because it is already (really) popular and mostly filled with teenagers and school girls who are fond with sweets. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

We Are The Belly Clan!

Sabtu kemarin gue with some of my friends went to one of the newest establishment located at Intiland. Namanya cukup unik dan bikin penasaran "The Belly Clan" dan harusnya sebelum kesini gue reserve tempat dulu deh, soalnya pas sampai disitu tempatnya udah reserved semua tapi kita masih bisa makan disitu sampai jam setengah 8 dan cukup annoying pas setengah 8 itu langsung di kasih tau buat pindah ke bar. Well, next time visit udah wajib banget ya yang namanya reserve apalagi kalau hari Sabtu. Talking about the interior sih sebenarnya biasa aja, masih di dominasi dengan interior kayu berwarna gelap yang cukup enak di lihat mata. Ga terlalu spacey juga, yah menurut gue sih serba standard aja but in a good way. Nothing too fancy or less. Everything just right.