Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good foods, Annoying Time at Hongkong Cafe

This well known restaurant at Central Park Mall surely has indulged some foodies with their good foods and reasonable prices. Me, myself has marked this place as one of my favorites when i happened to be around this stuffy and crowded mall. Inside was quite spacious with old timber colored flooring and family type dining tables. 

The pictures are a composite of several past pictures. And if you ask me, what's my favorite here? I must say i am a big fan of their special baked rice which was a recommend from my friend. 

HKC Special Baked Rice ( IDR 44.500 )
HKC stands for Hongkong Cafe in case you didn't know. It's one fattening dish rich of flavors with tempting fragrant that arouse your appetite. combined with their condiment on the table surely strengthened the tastes. It's one unavoidable fattening dish that i always order when i happened to be here. The prawns were perfectly cooked and good. I love everything inside the bowl. 

Followed up by the other foods.

It's a baked rice with chicken chop and tomato. Definitely beaten by their special baked rice. But, this one was quite good. It just happened not to be my favorite. It was fragrant. I sniffed it. lol

An oriental dish. It wasn't bad yet taste quite good. But, it didn't suit me. It's more like yamien noodle drowned by weird ketchup broth. But, my friend loved it. I ordered this once on my very first visit though.

A generous portion of rice with salted chilly crispy chickens with soft-boiled eggs and this one turned out to be good. The chicken skin was really crisp. crunch, crunch

It was pesto spaghetti if i'm not mistaken. There's a quote, " when you are in rome, do rome's ways " is it? correct me if i'm wrong. When you happened to sat beautifully at oriental restaurant. Don't bother to order Italian dish because the result won't be satisfying like their recommended dishes.

And i'd like to introduce you my favorite beverage here. Mango King ( IDR 25.000 ) It's a scrumptious mango blended beautifully in your tall glass with generous amount of mangoes. What i can say? it is really mango-ist. Slurrps! 

and i had this Coupe De Libra ( IDR 27.500 ) as dessert

pistachio and chocolate ice cream topped with white cream and a big hint of rum coated by the grapes. Will try their others desserts on my next visit.

Their simple decoration for Christmas.

randomly bumped into these lovebirds!
I also love their Green Tea Chocolate cakes. We bought this for our friend birthday and it turned out to be really really good. I could taste the green tea flavors over the cake. The chocolates were really thick too. I recommend it to sweet tooth sufferer out there.

It's been good stops every time i paid this place visits but yesterday was quite disappointing experience for me and my friends. 

It wasn't too stuffed and we came about 6 peoples. The seats we took were not enough for us. So, one of the waitress asked us to change our seats to the larger one. We happily accepted her offer. Time goes by, but not that too long. We ordered quite a lot, and before 20.00PM their supervisor gently asked us to close the bill and leave because our seat was reserved on advance. 

The point is : If it already reserved on the first place, There's no need to bother us to changed our seats!! you could just added the seat just beside me or wherever, it was enough. 

And, I hate how the supervisor just asked us to close the bill! seriously, it wasn't too packed. You could find us another seats! since we were not just ordering mineral waters. I mean we ordered quite a lot. As for me, i ordered their special baked rice, couple de libra and mango king. Seriously, to close customers bill while they were having chit chat are seriously RUDE and ridiculous! 

And a cafe should pamper their customers right? to stay long linger there. They even provide wi-fi service there. urghh..

Let me give you another example :
I had the same experience when we were at The Belly Clan and it was saturday, packed and the seats were reserved. But. they gave  us a proper treat. They asked us to used the seats before the others came to their reserve tables. After they came, They asked us to took seats on the bar for us to continue our talks. That's what a good service! 


We had good times eating yet not good times talking.. 

Central Park Mall 1st Floor, Unit L1 - 112B
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 38
West Jakarta
Phone: (021) 56985378
Twitter: @HKC_resto


  1. FYI, the person who asked us "gently" to closed the bill was the supervisor. A GODDAMN SUPERVISOR. sorry but, eventhou' they have good food but if they keep doin this on their service, i would say GOODBYE HKC.

    1. lol when i remember your expression back then :p

  2. i like their baked rice as well! :D