Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Imperial Chef : Authentic Szechuan Dishes

Standing under the same roof with that famous Duck King, this authentic Szechuan restaurant which serves Szechuan dishes with high quality ingredients imported straight from China ready to spoil your tongue and (hopefully) made my day. Anyway, it's been quite a long time since my last post and i apologize for my lazy fingers. Forgive them. So, i've been craving for something Chinese and i put a high expectation to this authentic Szechuan restaurant. Well, is it a self proclaimed? or it really is? Just keep reading on and let the writing speaks. 

The night was incredibly opened with this Poached Live Fish with Spicy Sour Soup or Fillet Ikan Hidup dengan Sup Asam Pedas in Bahasa. It provoked my curiosity to its peak. Is it really a live fish which still moves its fin and wiggled its tail? No, it was a perfectly cooked fish but haven't killed yet before the cooking process. It was so fresh and i could say they used high quality of ingredients. And, yes it is. They imported their ingredients straight from China. Their chillies, peppers, herbs, and even salted vegetables. Whatever inside that big bowl was surely lighten up the room. Unfortunately, there were much fish spines and i prefer the fish with just a little spines. The price is seasonal and so with the fish. And it was undeniably one of the best soups i had in a Chinese restaurant, Szechuan precisely.

Before moving on, let me show you some high quality basic ingredients they used for their cooks.

Followed up with their Deep Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli IDR:80.000. Another great treat. It was bite-sized boneless chickens with crispy skin, perfectly seasoned and cooked. I couldn't help myself but kept eating it.So, at the first bite those spiciness level was just lame and blurry. But, it really successfully delivered the spiciness afterwards. I'll definitely come back for this.

Poached Sliced Beef with Spicy Sauce "Szechuan" Style IDR:138.000. You should really carefully gulped the soup, since it had strong spiciness and big hint of peppers. From all of those three, i should say that Imperial Chef really spoiled my tongue. The beefs were really tender but thin sliced. The spices they used, the soup were good. 

I hope this picture could make you drool.

Chinese dishes craving accomplished? big times yes. It was one memorable Szechuan feast for me since i rarely had one. 

Live cook

See you anytime soon, Imperial Chef? since i bet this isn't our first and last meeting. Lucky me, it strategically located at Mall Taman Anggrek and it's near from my college. They also has All You Can Eat Steamboat for IDR:120.000 on a certain time and day. Just visit their outlet for more information and get ready for some serious pampering. Although their ala carte was quite pricey but they are worth.

Imperial Chef
Mall Taman Anggrek
3rd Floor unit #328
Phone: (021) 5639478 /376

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