Thursday, January 31, 2013


A waitress with brackets and glasses took my orders armed with pretty smile on her face and undeniably friendly gesture that took my breath away, such as i was enjoying my Nutella Cake spoon by spoon with grin hovered. Another great additional came from Ismaya, the brain of those unbreakable chains of innovative concepts upon their establishments.

Oh, the sun was brightly shining, shimmering, splendid (duh!) during my visit. Luckily their air con wasn't hot as any others nearby competitors. I was enjoying my every seconds here with somewhat jazzy music accompanied by a cup of Strawberry Shortcake. Thought it was literally a slice of strawberry shortcake, nah. While waiting Hansel & Gretel.

Nutella Cake ( IDR 28.000 )
All hail Djournal's Nutella Cake! I really enjoyed this to my heart content. Those creme layers fused with hearty chocolate sponge cake followed up by the ultimate pampering ingredients (hopefully)  for all mankind, NUTELLA. I can't help myself but to smile stumbled upon this chocolaty cake with crunchy layer of chocolate underneath the cake which would be the winning part from this undeniably delicious yet sinfully chocolate cake from Djournal Coffee. Dear hot readers, IT IS A MUST TRY. Enough said.

Ice Caramel Machiatto ( IDR 40.000 )
I am not a coffee person, BUT, yes but, oh but, I do fell in love with this one in one sip. I could fell those acidity aftertaste which is good. A bold caramel machiatto beautifully blends with caramel and milk. Creating a coherent unity. My tongue is pleased as my eyes pleased with recycle looks from Djournal.

Oh, no.... wait up.. One more to go! It is Strawberry Shortcake ( IDR 35.000 )

I am so thinking of buying a DSLR Camera. I hate how those lights overpowered my digital camera. 

Accidentally erased Strawberry Shortcake pictures on my cam..So, bare with this one.

It was like having a good quality strawberry shortcake blended and put straight to your cup. It was so creamy which is a good part for me, yet maybe not a good part for certain persons. I don't know what else to say, i just fell in love with this place on my very first visit and those beverages.

Dear Coffee, i am writing to tell you that I LOVE YOU - DJOURNAL COFFEE. Yes! I do Love you! 

The entrance is widely open for you guys. So, grab your cup and enjoy the ride! Anyway, i marked this place as one of my favorite coffee spot which i don't have. So, this is my very first favorite coffee spot.
Uh, this is an unpaid review if you wondering. Btw, Hansel & Gretel was good! A good coffee with a good movie, aw. sounds lovely. no? :)

Sumarecon Mall Serpong
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  1. wah udah buka yah ini. gonna try it soon :)
    anyway, i love the new hotty potty icon (or mascot?) looks adorable haha

    1. iaa harus coba!
      aw. thank you jamesss!! edisi menjelang shinchia muahaha :)

  2. all eyes to the nutella cake!

  3. Tried their branch at CITOS twice recently and both times the coffee and milk tasted sour.
    First time was part of breakfast deal and so normal coffee with cold milk...tasted off so I returned and they gave another but with steamed milk and it was off too.

    Second time about a week or two later I tried their Cafe Latte and it too tasted sour. Did not bother to complain as previous effort had not got a result.

    I have knocked it off my list of places to visit which is a pity as liked the layout, the food I had first time was tasty and service was fine.
    I am sure that milk was not sour though that it is the taste that was in the coffee as first time saw and actually smelt steamed milk.
    Not sure if it is the particular coffee beans that they are using react with milk this way or some other issue.
    Suggest that they go taste coffee in the immediate competitors all around them for a comparison test.