Monday, April 1, 2013

Roppan ロッパン

One can't stand the sweetness visually delivered, one can't stand against how one sweetness can make them feel special while the afterward effect may not look as pretty as it seemed. One sweet guilty pleasure, one constant battle between pleased and pissed. There were another choices but you kept falling on the same place. It is not that special, but it certainly yearning. Some may indifferent or just passed it through. Some being cynical, will they be good? will they remain good like how sweet they used to be?

On not so particular day, i went with some friends to Roppan, where Roppan itself is one growing rapidly or now stably success delivering love on toasts. Owned by the same man behind JCO and not to mention one monstrous salon located almost in every corner of Jakarta's malls.

Assimilating into one, they share one same ground to spoils their customers. Light brown colored furniture and flooring made the place looks cozy and fresh. Friendly Roppan's workers also gave one hospitable impression.

Specializing on servings variants of cute to tasty looking toasts along with Japanese meals selections such as : katsu, curry to ramen. To know if the price tag worth the taste, i decided to give a go on both toasts and meal. You can't choose and score if you only focusing yourself on one object, don't you?

Firstly came a plate of Green Chahan (IDR 28.000) a plate of green fried rice made from vague pesto sauce, Indonesian salted fish with peanuts, quite thick and crunchy chicken cutlets that gave one good impression. But then one element didn't quite click on me, it was their potato chips. I must say i fell in love with its rice, fragrant and a little bit mushy, not to mention i love how the cutlets were crunchy yet fulfilling at the same time combined with its chilli that taught you how to start but not to stop until it's gone. 

Took a bite of quite thick toast but quite yum along with 3pieces crispy chicken nuggets on it sauteed with chilli sauce. Tori Hanzo as it called, successful in delivering savoriness on toast.

She was like contorting her body according to the rhythm in white while her mind is in between. Yuki Berry is quite addictive, i must say. You still want her even though she doesn't want you. Soft white wavy chocolaty bar fused with the sweet sour from the sauteed strawberries created one good harmonization.

An egg should be marvelously started your morning along with toast. And this Sunny Shinjuku is not an exception. I was mesmerized how the yolk dripped beautifully as i cut through it. What could go wrong with well made sunny side up along with its toast?

Refreshing blueberries along with its jam tagged along by almonds over it. Kaguya Berry was another sweet treat to my sweet tooth. The berries were simply delish, sweet sour sensation in my mouth worked well with the crunch crunch from almonds.

Lastly i had Ikebanana & Motto Choko, their ikebanana is like one complete sweet guilty pleasure on one toast. Sweet soft banana with cheese and strawberry with cream below. While Motto Choko wasn't too memorable.

Let me show you how it was in its box. Cuties 

I ordered one strong chocolaty drink with not so much charm on appearance but i did enjoy every straw of it. Ha, it was quite weird when you happened sat on one cozy spot but still lulled with what the other side had. Like what they said "Neighbors greens are always greener" Thank God, i stopped on the right time, right place without bothering what was blurry ahead coated in tempting presentation. Jco is good but tried that, been there and Roppan is much better. Like my best friend said that i am easily pleased guy. Sometimes, a guy like me easily satisfied with both less and max. And sometimes, i do think i need to set up my standard.

ps :did you caught something up?

(021) 5890 - 2147
Summarecon Mall Serpong II, G Fl
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang


  1. I've been wanting to dine at Roppan, yet haven't get the chance to do so. Definitely going to try that Tori Hanzo and Sunny Shinjuku toasts when I get there!