Saturday, April 20, 2013

Midtown Owl

With a help of a friend, i managed to bought my second Disdus voucher i ever bought in my whole existence. The more i scrolling down, the more i got tempted and finally, i said hello to Midtown Owl. A restaurant with mostly Italian foods options dominating the entire menu. Personally, i think it is smart to put such a rejuvenescence in the midst of a monotone apartment. But, sometimes you just don't really care about it especially if your apartment located just a cross a shopping arcade.

From afar, Midtown Owl surely stood out with strong looking black glassy building and big roof bestowed upon it.  It's quite convenient they separated the smokers outside while the non-smokers inside with better ambiance, and the most important thing for me, cool air-con. It was surprisingly spacey inside with just a few tables occupied. High ceiling with big black windows also gave another plus point.

Then i handed down my vouchers and ordered what we could order. I also used Disdus voucher back then for one memorable dining experience especially with voucher at Tin Pan Alley, which convinced me to bought another one. But, this one turned to be quite a turn off since they reduced some of the foods portion into not so fullfiling petite dishes. One of their waitresses also didn't have a wide knowledge about the products they sold. And not attentive as well, why? I almost left my phone behind in their bar while having it's charged. And none of the workers warned me. Had the same experience at Commune 25 but one of their waitress was really attentive and chased after me just before i left.

A friend of mine really surprised when she saw our nachos being served on the table. It was so... I don't know how to put this up. But it was gone just for a minute. Can you just imagine how small it is? While the other customers having their taste bud satisfied with their normal portion of nachos. I must say i am impressed with their crispy but a bit tough nachos with some kind of minced meat below it, fresh jalapenos plus some kind of creamy mayo poured on it. I really enjoyed those bandage between the crisp and tenderness. Still, the reduction is a serious turn off.

look at this. Especially when i zoomed it as much as i could. 

I had Creamy Spaghetti Pesto with Chicken (IDR 55.000) which was really good with those creamy pesto sauce and their spaghetti also al-dente and well seasoned. The only thing they need to paid more attention is the dry, tough, and almost savorless grilled chicken. Not a fan of creamy pasta but this one is surprisingly exceeded my expectation.

My self-proclaimed seriously on diet program friend ordered Nasi Bali (IDR 35.000) consists of small Padang style chicken thighs with chili paste, fried tofu and complementary vegetables. Had some spoons. Just okay. But i love how it beautifully presented on white elongated plate. Ah, it also accompanied by vegetable tamarind (Sayur Asem) which should not to be served at the first place, why? Because it was 90% tasteless. And ended up not touched after second spoons.

While a lot demanding friend of mine had her Indonesian style Nasi Goreng Kambing (IDR 55.000) with hidden mutton as they using some kind of ninja tactic to hide themselves. As a curry guy, a big hint of curry spice applied on the fried rice was really help. It just needed to be bolder and braver in seasoning area. Otherwise, it was really good.

Ah, for the drinks we had a glass of Peach Tea (IDR 19.000) and a tall glass of their orange based special mocktail ( sorry, i lost the bill, again!) around 25.000-30.000 which was quite refreshing but needed to be sweeter, in this case it was almost tasteless for me.

And as a sweet-toothed, i've been eagerly waiting for this. Yes, the desserts! Ok, the desserts were also experienced a drastic reduction. It didn't even reaches half of its original size ( I swear, i saw the actual size in their display window) I just don't care anymore... I just kept hoping it would be good, i mean what could go wrong with desserts? Black Brownies or whatever they named it, it just your ordinary chocolaty brownies with a bit rough texture but still quite soft with hint of chocolate chunks between the thin layers which was the survivor from this needed-to-be-save brownies. While their White Carrot Cake was good enough.. Really, i am not a fan of carrot cake.. Although, this one couldn't change my mindset about it, but still, it was enjoyable spoon by spoon. It was a bit moist with right cup of sugar level. This is one of those rare times where i chose carrot cake over chocolaty cake.

Honestly, i expected more from this newly emerged 24-hours cafe with cozy ambiance and nicely decorated place. But, i seriously think they should trained their workers about the products a further more. The good side is, their waitresses were polite. Maybe, i'll pay this place second visits, but am not going to use any voucher later on. Since the serious reduction was a major turn off for me. Oh, their creamy pesto spaghetti was really good thou. So, is it just me or not my lucky day? Don't hesitate let me know your thoughts..

Midtown Owl
Central Park / Podomoro City, Front of Lobby Royal Mediterania Garden
Jl. Letnan Jendral S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat
Telp: (021) 29427007


Facebook: MidTown Owl

Twitter: @MidtownOwl


  1. Seriously the portion is so small! I had their nachos a while ago and I think the portion was more than twice as big as your photo.

    Btw nice pictures, have you got your new camera? ;p

    1. hi Natasha! thanks for dropping by..

      oh my.. i just can't believe when they served my nachos on the table..
      my eyebrows were automatically raised..

      thank you! noooo.... minjem kamera sodara yang nganggur niii... poor me T_T

    2. Haha not only you, everyone would be surprised seeing that tiny portion. Hope you get your own camera soon :)

  2. My husband and I ate there 3 days before your visit, everything was definitely served in normal size.. Our desserts were twice as bid as your, and the nasgor kambing were delicious with generous mutton chunks, beef ragout fettucine were delicious and my caesar salad portion was decent.. I still had another voucher in hand, hopefully my next visit would be as satisfying as my first..

    1. I know it. I think it was just not my lucky day then.. Yes, the portion was like what you could see from my pictures... Even the mutton chunks weren't generous, at all.. But, i enjoyed their creamy pesto pasta thou ;)

  3. the food doesn't seem to be made with love..haha. they seem so 'dry'. OMG to the nachos!

    1. i second that ren! haha i tried my hardest to make it look bigger..but... ok

  4. Have you tried the whole cake yet?