Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outback Steakhouse : Carnivores Gone Wild

As i logged in to my email, i found one email with mouthwatering pictures inserted inside. Those pictures were definitely the reason why i was willing took such a distance from my house to Kuningan City without second thoughts. Moreover after hearing good rumors enveloped it, pumped up my curious taste buds and distance wasn't enough to separate us (Thanks Elvina, who kindly offered me a drive). Bedraggled upon homing also wasn't a big deal, really?

Outback Steakhouse is an American steakhouse with Australian's leverage. I just love on how it was set on high ceiling, giving one brief swanky impression upon the arrival. Seeing one cozy booth placed inside signifying this place isn't just for hardcore carnivores, those who enjoys having me time accompanied by a glass of beer or any other refreshing beverages, you should give this place a go. Kuningan is known best for its developing entertainment and hustle bustle of Jakartan's busy office life. Once in a while you should reward yourself a plate of pleasure.

Outback Steakhouse has been rewarded as number one best steakhouse category in restaurants & institutions magazine's annual Customer's Choice in Chain awards. And, that day i tasted and witnessed with my tongue how the best steak should indulges carnivores with pleasure. Thank you Mrs.Seli for the invitation. Meanwhile, the men behind those mouthwatering dishes were deftly preparing our meals in the rear kitchen.

Some sneak-peeks of behind the scenes before our lunch surely aroused my appetite. While waiting for the foods served on our tables, i had a glass of Mango Spirtzer which was really refreshing and enjoyed sucking Prawn's Coco berry, a glass of dense milky berries. Definitely my cup of tea.

Opened by Kookaburra Wings (IDR 79.000)
Crispy chicken wings with special treatment from Outback served with blue cheese dressings. Delicious appetizer surely strengthened my confident toward this restaurant on serving great meals from beginning to end.

Say hello to my favorite appetizer throughout 2013! It's Crispy Fried Mushrooms (IDR 69.000)
This is one seriously good appetizer which gave me that "Ah!" feeling while munching it. It was cripsy outside with delicious tasting skin and the mushroom itself was so juicy inside. I enjoyed it. Much.

Delicious appetizer from Outback really spoiled me before the entree. I chose TooWoomba Topped Fillet (IDR 329.000) as the main star. The number one best steak according to Zagat Review surely piqued up my curiosity on how good this lump of meat could be. It served with sauteed shrimps and button mushrooms. A scoop of delish mashed potato surely completed the whole dish. I love how their mashed potato was tasted good and quite dense. As i cut through the meat, it was a little bit chewy and once i putted it in my mouth. I bit it and tasted it carefully and in detail. It was so good! This is what i expect from high quality steakhouse. I asked for medium well and it came in the way i wanted to. Really tender and juicy with right portion of seasonings. If the crispy mushrooms gave me that "Ah" feeling then this TooWoompa surely made me "Ah,ah magnificent" murmured me in heart. It was such a perfect combo between the meat and other components. Even the sauce was so good and quite addictive. I must say. Also, i nearly tricked by the portion. After i digested it, it was so fulfilling but i managed to tried their NewYork Strip and ribs thou.

BBQ Beef Back Ribs (IDR 249.000)
Actually, i tried both of their pork ribs and beef ribs and they were much look like and tasted the same. Their pork ribs had the part where it was slightly burned so it tasted a bit bitter. While the beef was enjoyable where all the parts pretty much the same. Marinated well until the bones but the sauce was too sweet for me. I wanted it to be less sweet and kicking. I prefer if the ribs was juicier.

We, foodies did what foodies do (Foodies Way) Hahaha.
BBQ Beef Back Ribs.
BBQ Pork Back Ribs

Then i gave Elvina's New York Strip a go.

It was also yummy! Tender and flavorful. But, i do prefer my TooWoomba. I don't know, it just this TooWoomba was really really good. It's all the best from a meat you could ever asked.

Alice Springs Chicken (IDR 125.000) is the only one chicken based steak here. It was well done. Tried a bite. Quite yum thou, i am not sure about the sauce they used but it created nice sweet sour taste and the chicken wasn't too tender or juicy but it was surely quite enjoyable as well.

As a sweet-toothed, i have that habit of turning the menu into the last page and see the dessert parts and ended up want to try them all. Outback didn't have too much selections on desserts but one menu surely piqued up my curiosity. It was their Chocolate Thunder From Down Under (IDR 69.000) which came in quite huge portion. Melted dark chocolate cake stacked with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. The chocolate was so rich! even the whipped cream was so much lick-able. Ah, this is a must order when i pay Outback another visit. But, yes.. I think the chocolate was too sweet a little bit. With this amount of portion, if the chocolate was too sweet it was enough to made me nauseated. Overall, this was such an addictive dessert and fulfilling as well.

Last but not least is their Banana Nut Cake (IDR 55.000) I could barely tasted the banana. I prefer their rich chocolate cake with another chocolate combo rather than this one. Banana Nut Cake accompanied by vanilla ice cream topped with banana, toffee, nuts, cinnamon and whipped cream. Both of the closing menu was pretty much a deal themselves.

Feeling lucky i managed to try this steakhouse. It is definitely the place carnivores gone wild and sweet tooth sufferer cravings accomplished. We also got an Outback Steakhouse tote bag with vouchers worth IDR 300.000 from Click House. I thought it was another voucher from Outback, if it was... Hallelujah, i must be really blessed. Thank you Outback Steakhouse for the hardcore lunch and fellow foodies for the good times.

ps : I might disappear for a while since my camera is now broke, i don't know why... After this Outback Steakhouse will be followed up with another post from Alcoholic Bar and Grill then i think we should meet  one month later. So, take a good care of yourselves reader.

Outback Steakhouse (Kuningan City)
Mall Kuningan City, G FI Unit 28
Jl.Prof.Dr.Satrio Kav.8, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan
Twitter : @OutbackIN
Facebook :
Website :


  1. what a feast. i would love to try your piece of meat right there! :D

    1. Irene!! hahah.. you should pay it a visit when you're around Jakarta..
      Their Toowoomba is a simple heaven in your meat! :D

  2. I was searching the blogs for a long time and that is good to know that I have found such blogs here. Great working! Keep it up! outback coupons

  3. Huaaah...finally visit your blog cend...keren! tukeran link link ya punya lo di blog gw..salam foodies!

    1. hi icha.. thanks for visiting..
      okay... your link is now up yaa.. salam foodies!