Sunday, September 30, 2012

NANNINI's Beetle Juice

Established on 1995 , Nannini firstly opened their outlet at Plaza Senayan under the name of Nannini Grill , then evolved into freshen air Nannini which took place at Plaza Indonesia . At the first glance i thought Nannini offered modest foods with average price but i wronged , Nannini is an upscale restaurant with minimalist concept yet chic and stylist .

After some times blogging , i learned that Nannini once held bloggers night for them to tasted their foods which from what i read , the news wasn't that good to hear.

Actually this is my 2nd visit to Nannini , the 1st one was before i became a blogger . And the 2nd was just to relaxed a bit after a long walked with a very full tummy . Had a fattening time at En Dining , so the two of us decided just ordered some drinks .

left : beetle juice . Right : your everyday orange juice
I love their beetle juice , it was refreshing and sweet but those passion fruits seeds made me hard to drank it. Their orange juice was okay , your daily good served orange juice.

Quite curious to try their foods anytime soon . Until we meet again Nannini . Anyway , any recommendations for their foods ? let me know :)

Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor
Unit L2. No. T 111. A-D
 (021) 29923650

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