Friday, September 28, 2012

One Fine Week at Sampoerna's Bibliotheque

their fancy entrance
Last week i was accompanied by couple of friends visiting Bibliotheque a well-known fine dining restaurant which is located at behind the majestic pillars of Sampoerna Building . A marksman location for elites gathered or just plain enjoy their lunch or dining times. Once we got there with a full tummy , there was a mini version of red carpet welcomed our presence. There were also an outdoor area just on the left & right side before the entrance.

Their big entrance and neatly organized outdoor area reaffirmed their strong depiction of a good dining place . Bibliotheque means Library in French . And , yes once you stepped your shoes in front of the entrance , a bunch of waiters and waitresses welcomed you and their gigantic bookshelves that elongated until near the stairs were just simply beautiful, and their performing stage immediately caught your attention . Although the place itself wasn't that big , but they successfully managed the place looks swanky . Plus . i felt some differences in atmosphere between any other establishments in Jakarta. It felt more sumptuous and amicable.

High ceiling , large windows which allows the sunlight inbound through their chinks . Amazing wood-works , Thoroughly made by scrutinized details , and their impressive decors and furniture that stunned me for awhile since i thought they are one of the most authentic from various facets compared to any other hip venues in Jakarta . They also have their 2nd floors but by the time we were there , it was unavailable due to the some photoshoots sections held there . And, with our full tummy capacities we were ready to ordered another guilty pleasures .

Unlike any other venues that using more economic and efficient form of menus , bibliotheque offered their unique , luxury menu inside a big frame for you to order. And this is another plus point for me since i am starting to get bored with what the others venues provides and offers. There was also economical lunch package for 100k from 11am - 15pm.

left : Apple Crepes with Apple Flavored Ice Cream 42k , right : Profiterole 40k ( as long as i remember )
cocktail : Magic Winter 90k , Red Velvet around 45-50k
Happy Elly around 35k , English Breakfast Tea 25k
With our inadequate capacities the three of us just ordered some desserts

Profiterole : Good in textures , rich chocolates and vanillas fillings with delicious vanilla ice cream commingles into one and melted in your mouth . ah , very pleasing. This one is better than what i had at Loewy and i already thought that was very yummy till i met this one.

Apple Crepes : Actually i forgot its real name , it has that fresh sweet and sour sensation within that crepes and the ice cream inside the cup was refreshing and kinda sour apple flavored . Well balanced.

Magic Winter : A pretty pink cocktail made from strawberry and mixture from liquor i don't know what it was decorated with pink cheese around the glass . yes it was a pink cheese . It was too hard for me . And finally none of us finished up this drink.

Red Velvet : Did came with a beautiful presentation and the cake was looked promising too . I tried a spoon of it and it was quite delicious . I've tasted better somewhere . My friend , she loved it very much.

Happy Elly : Not quite sure what were the mixtures but i could tasted blueberry inside. Quite refreshing.

English Breakfast Tea : Basic tea , nothing special.

And after about 3hours we were waiting for my other friends arrivals . We found this place calmed and could tranquilized our busy minds . But waiting for 3hours was surely kinda sucks. And i felt disturbed how one of the waiter kept coming to our table asked if there were anything else we liked to ordered? and he kept on coming like every 15minutes - half an hour . My friend said that it was their sales tactics but for me it was disturbing . If we needed anything else , we could just raised our hands and called them .

And these what the remaining fellows ordered . Don't ask me how was it tasted because i didn't tried it . Full tummy needed a break.

But it does looks tempting right? and one of them ordered oxtail soup but i didn't took a pic of it because she already ate it before that i got the chance to shot it.Also , i ordered a recommendation from one of the famous blogger around who happened to know my friend and so my friend told me to.

Salmon with red onion and something . 2 worth of 175k
I don't know . it was edible but yeah..

I was enjoying this type of place with calm and peaceful nuance with amazing decors and concept . And i watched their live band , it was entertaining and as the times getting late , the ambiance was more alive .

Followed up with a pic of me & my friends like always.

Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower B, Ground Floor No. 8
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta 12930, Indonesia


Closed on Sunday

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