Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr Karaage

Waited for TED me and my friend wandering around at Central Park's lower ground floor . Actually , we planned to ate bonchon bites but because we were kinda often eats bonchon so we decided for having a "light" dinner at Mr Karaage . It wasn't packed . But a few minutes after our arrival , customers started to came one by one . I know we are lucky charms *kid.

Back then i mistaken Mr Karaage as Kamikaze Karaage which is located just few steps after Mr Karaage. It is a cute restaurant with just 3-4 tables inside and more tables outside . I love their minimalist and simple furniture . With a little touch of garden concept at the outside . This chicken specialist restaurant is quite worth of visit .

Spicy Karaage 35k
Consists of : 3 upper thighs chickens , salad and soup . I didn't touch the salad and soup at all . The chicken was quite crispy . They were delicious , but , for me somehow it tasted like nuggets / frozen chickens at supermarket . Nonetheless it was good.

forgot the name 26k ( small )
This was my friend's . I asked her before wrote this review but appeared that she didn't caught a clue . What's important this was delicious with mayo and some kind of ketchup poured on the chicken . This one tasted like katsu or perhaps this menu named chicken katsu ? *straightface

as long as i remember .. The left one named : Mango pudding ( 9k ) & the right one named Orange something ( 12k )
The pudding was just okay , it was quite heavy in size and solid in texture . I prefer the lighter and chewable one . And that orange something ( oh , forgot the name also ) was good! It was like eating orange in a new way .

simple & quite sweet . if you ask me.
And at the end but not the end , let me post my narcissistic photo ( just one , want more ? :P ) here .

err . eyebags .

Central Park Mall, Lower Ground L211 & L257B 
+62 21 29200223  

See you soon Mr Karaage . ah , almost forgot to mention that they were giving good services also .


  1. Iya keliatannya kayak frozen ya ga seru hoho

    1. ioo . enaknya kayak frozen chicken siap saji gt yg di market2 . huhu

  2. puding jeruknya jadi inget yang jala2 punya hehehe