Monday, September 10, 2012

Senayan Cafe : A day with Chef Patrick Farjas


I got a rare chance tasting menus made by Chef Patrick Farjas himself at Hotel Century Park , Jakarta. Thanks to yukmakan who gave me the chance to made it happen . As an amateur blogger who started his blog less than month , this is a chance that i wouldn't even missed .

Felt guilty as well due to the my carelessness left my camera behind . Luckily a nice gentleman who wears his smile most of the time lending me his camera . I bet it's not easy for someone to lend his camera to an anonymous person . To be honest it caused me a little bit of faux pas. I must say they gave a great hospitality . Friendly & warm service .

I was too early about the first person who came that day . After a several bloggers began to arrived , we tour-guided by Mr Wisnu & others to take a look at the hotel rooms , from standard room - president suite . I must say the president suite was mind blowing . It was beautifully and carefully decorated . It will cost you about IDR : 8.000.000 + to spend a quality night there . Sorry , i can't give you the sightings of the rooms . You know , a little bit human error thingy .

We returned to our starting point " Senayan Cafe " which it will take place for our quality luncheon with the only one Maître Cuisinier de France  in Indonesia , Chef Patrick Farjas . It is a prestigious tittle bestowed upon talented chefs to spread France cultures and cooks all over the world also his passion toward culinary and cooking brought him to became an Executive Chef Plumed Horse at Saratoga – Bay Area & Olympic Club Lakeside, San Francisco. The Association of Maître Cuisiniers de France logo is to : preserving and spreading French culinary art , encourage training in cooking and aiding the development of national.

But to tell you the truth , the air-con wasn't too cold . In fact it was a little bit hot . A beautiful decorated long table for a banquet already reserved for us . It was kinda awkward for me since i don't know anyone else there and you know , i felt a little bit pressure since i was the only one amateur blogger there ? After waited for a quite long time , here he came . The Chef with his foods . I was enthusiastic when the Chef came . He looked so humble and kind , He was active in explaining the foods and sat among us . Enough the babbling and get straight to what was on the table .

elegantly decorated and not to forget the Indonesian touch
complimentary bread with elle & vire french butter
salad as starter . fresh & refreshing

The salad wasn't looked too appetizing if you ask me . But, when you ate it . It was refreshing . The sourness level was also just right . But , i couldn't finished them up because i am not a fan of salad . Some fellow bloggers finished the salad . I bet it must be pretty good then . Not too long after a waiter picked up the salad plates . Here came the star :
Crispy skin cajun style tasmanian salmon with tropical salsa
The salmon was so good . Seriously , i was the first who finished the plate . I thought the skin was slightly overcooked back then . But nay , i was wrong . It wasn't overcooked . I must say it was impressive , rich of flavors and what amazed me more was the skin was tasted perfect and crunch . You know , most of the fish skins weren't crunch and left that fishy sensation in the mouth. The meat was beautifully done . It was pink and tender , tasty and yum . The salsa under the fish was also refreshing but again i am not a fan . And again i must say this salmon wasn't smelled fishy and rancid at all . Tumpeng style rice was ok. I managed to finished the plate except the salsa.

Apple pie with anonymous tasty white cream
The desert was a simple apple pie . Simple means not so-so . Instead behind that simple look hide a good and tasty apple pie . Apple slices on the pie was sweet and as an incurable sweet tooth sufferer . There's no way i don't like this amazing pie . Its white cream was the star but too little on the plate . Wished i can asked for more white cream and how i wish i can use my hands to enjoy this pie . But , no i won't do that .

That's all , after enjoying our quality lunch time with Century Park hotel gentlemen & Chef Patrick we took some pictures and obviously i am who's a narcissist also took a picture with Chef Patrick .

Overall , i was having good times there . The services were great . The hotel was amazing . The foods were satisfying . It was a Saturday mood maker before going to having fun with my companions afterwards . Who am i to asked for more ? blessed :) and uh , we also got another sweet treat from Sweet Corner . I can chose whatever i want . only 1 piece thou . I want more ! I want more ! pardon this greedy fatty blogger .

I chose blackforest . sorry , you only can look the plastic ;p
See you again in the future Century Park Hotel . Thanks for the invitation and the great hospitality

 Century Park Hotel 
Senayan Cafe
 Reservation: 62 - 21-5712041
 Jl.Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta

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