Monday, September 17, 2012

Luna Negra

Last Saturday i went to Luna Negra for lunch , i was excited because this is my very first visit after hearing those good gabble from several friends and seeing some of good reviews from fellow bloggers. So , after reserved the seats which i must say it was practical because i just simply reserved the seats via BBM . We were there at Luna Negra .

From what i knew this place is hip and similar to other venues which there are socialites gather and have some quality times. During the lunch it was nearly empty and was surprisingly dazzling . The sun was hot and it was naturally lightened the room through the super big black windows .

I love how they put a tree in the middle of the room and there were some iron balls ( ? ) i don't know what to called it hanging on the ceiling . It was unique and it could be its trademark . Dominated by black & dark brown wooden furniture this semi fine dining restaurant is another must venue to visit .

Also loved their attentive and polite waiter-resses who can explained their menu in detail . Their BBM on my friendlist was also helping when i want to reserve seats there.

And our ( hopefully ) evening makers were coming one by one .

chicken breast mushroom 95k
This is mine , it came in a very big white plate with appetizing presentation . There were also mushrooms , cucumber , eggplant , red & green paprika and tomato which i couldn't ate them since i didn't like them . How i can recommend to change them with more edible substitutes . Their chicken was tender and tasty . And i love their mushroom sauce all over the chicken . It was satiated and I totally recommend this menu for you to try except those vegetables.

salmon pink sc 175k
The salmon came in a beautiful presentation . poured by cream sauce and those pink pepper made it cuter . The meat was pink and yum . it was soft and somehow those combination between the salmon and the sauce was unexplainable tasty in some way .

spaghetti carbonara turkey 83k , hainan duck rice 89k
Carbonara was just okay . Seriously i could only tasted the cheese and i didn't know where the turkey part was and so with the hainan duck rice , tasted just okay and nothing to babbled about . These two are not bad dishes but not that special thou .

bento I 108k
A big bento box consists of cooked vegetables , crackers , sweet sour sauce fish , and risoles 
Everything in the box were okay .And the fish was tasty .

creme brulee 55k
The top perfectly caramelized and sweet , perhaps the most impressing creme brulee i ate so far . And their custard base was simply made me keep me wants to eat it . Enjoyed every spoons of it . But i thought it was kinda overpriced for a creme brulle.

My favorite drink , similar to "Happy Days Are Here Again By Tin Pan Alley .. Definitely my favorite over boring Luna Ice Tea . Sweet & refreshing also i could tasted the orange pieces in every suctions. 

Overall we were all satisfied with our visit and hopefully there will be some promos here so that will be the reason for us to come back anytime soon . With decent foods and flawless services , I totally recommend Luna Negra as one of your must visit list :) 

see how the place was brightly shine and my camera couldn't handle it

And not forget to slipped another narcissistic picture of me and my companions 

Plaza Bapindo
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 54-55
Citibank Tower, Ground Floor Senayan - Jakarta Selatan
021 2995 0077
BBM : 23B83D4C


  1. shabadabadoo hahahaha, namanya lucu ^^ wah isi blog kamu restonya kerena2 ya hehehe ^^

  2. hi tikka ! iaa namanya kyk susah di pronounce gt kan.. hehe. kerenan you lah tikk!