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After 2hours of suffering (read:flight) finally me and family went to Miramar, a very well known restaurant at Medan with starving mode tummy to be pleased as soon as possible. Yes, i love traveling but i hate flights. I can't stand against somewhat not so pleasant ambiance the planes offered. My head got dizzy, my stomach felt like shaken up to all directions, flight is surely not my cup of tea. But, i could smell something good was coming on our way. I hope it will be a seriously good treat to treated my messed up mood. Finger crossed!

Let this small humble feast get started with refreshing green apple and juice tomato juice which cost around IDR 15.000 ( oh, it was another lost case..... i accidentally lost the bill, ha! as always.. ) I love how their green apple tasted, it was purely a green apple fruit with those apple dregs inside the glass. It was so refreshing especially after one not so favorable yet memorable flight beforehand, too bad a glass of green apple juice couldn't quench my thirst, so one more to go, i had another glass of juice and a glass of tomato juice could spoiled me with its sweet sour, refreshing as well as wake up call for me. I love their juices. They were so fresh directly blend from real fruits. Beside, it tasted good, it also boost up your health!

Opened with a bowl of chicken soup with delicious gravy. Managed to finished it up even though i am not a fan of soup. I love how the gravy tasted bold yet delicious at the same time. Similar with my late grandmother usually cooked for me, when i was a little child back then. Felt a little bit nostalgic yet sad while writing this review but okay, overall this soup is satisfying and i can't say no to another bowl of this delicious chicken soup. Soup lovers, let this soup embrace you.One more, even though the carrot slices were big and thick, they were so soft yet kinda sweet and definitely healthy plus yummy.

This is my personal favorite, Ayam Sambal Something-something but yes, it seriously is something because it was so good! I love how the skin was so crunch, a little bit oily but so good at the same time, seriously it was like my guilty pleasure. Although it looked dry but it was kinda oily and the meat was tender and yummy.. Accompanied with a bowl of fluffy, fragrant rice. My lunch was surely definitely a good one. Shine bright mood, shine bright!

This is something you can't missed! (said my dad) it is my dad's all time favorite every time he get the chance to visits his hometown. And now, i understand why he is a big fan of Miramar. It is their fish head curry and the curry definitely the thick, fragrant, tempting, rich in flavor, whatever goodness you named it. This was huge and the fish meat was surprisingly came in generous portion, maybe you couldn't see in this picture but it was seriously serious portion of meats and no doubt, yes don't doubt me. It was a little piece of heaven in curry. I love how so far, Miramar could spoiled my taste buds to its maximum level.If my memory don't failed me, it cost around IDR 100.000

This is not so my favorite but the most expensive dish of all, i can't forget this one. It cost IDR 150.000. They called this snow fish, why? I don't know but let me theorized it, why oh why? Don't expect for something scientific or smart. Because the color from the fish meat was white, although it wasn't so white but back then people hyperbola it a little bit to snow. Does that explains it? No? This fish is undeniably has the softest texture of meat from all the fishes families i ever ate in my whole existence. Too bad, this kind of soupy fish dishes are not my favorite. It was just my personal opinion, but my whole family enjoyed it though...Good for your health! He said  (dad)

This is Udang Cabe Pete ( Prawn cooked with special sauce and petai ) For non-Indonesians maybe will ask " what is this petai thingy? " and don't expect me to answer that, but as long as i know petai is one of the most Indonesian thew or something you can say like trademark. Petai is somehow crunch crunch but it will your mouth smells not good afterward. The shrimps themselves were juicy and good even more their chilli sauce was quite spicy which completed this menu.

let me give you a little bit sighting of how the place looks like


Basically this place is like any other family restaurants with fine lighting, round spinning able table, spacious yet clean spaces. These were my babysist and dad while waiting the foods were ready to served.

We had one satisfying, satiating, happy lunch time with family and we were ready to went to hotel and let our bodies had a good rest to face of Chinese New Year chains of sinfully fattening feast full with pork and fats! I haven't tell you readers about how sinfully fattening my CNY celebration feasts were. Put that aside, Miramar is surely prove that it's well known all over Medan because they served good foods and i will definitely pay this restaurant another visits when i happen around Medan.

Restaurant Miramar Medan
Jln.Pemuda No.11 A-B-C
Telp : +62 61 455 5491, +62 61 455 5691
Fax number : +6261 4512197
Email :

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