Monday, February 4, 2013

Steak Hotel by Holycow!

Just today, two tired slanted eyes not to mention disturbing blackened eye bags tucked right under the eyes caused by acute insomnia push itself to remained standing tall since the mouth refuse to rest but instead to keep munching. So, we swerved straight to Holycow! we went to TKP Radal, which Radal stands for Radio DalamHolycow's eco green building concept took place on the 5th floor of its building. There lies a rooftop with calming breeze that flows naturally surely gave one distinct coolness. 

I always loves rooftop concept with soothing ambiance to shutting down this stressful tiny mind for a little while from Jakarta's hustle bustle and tiring daily activities. Beside the place, surely foods and beverages themselves are the most important factors, is it worth second visiting? is it worth the penny? is it worth the traffic? I'm going to say Holycow is worth

First thing go first, i don't like their mashed potato thou. It has that fishy sensation inside  Followed up with imperfect mashed potato crumble along the mashed and taste not good (plus) it looks ridiculous shaped like ice cream and topped with tomato cherry. While their french fries was nicely cut and really crisp. 

how their mashed look like. cute..........................................

It was a visit to try their upcoming menu "HolySteak part I" and "HolySteak part II" the name itself surely quite remarkable. 

To tell you the truth i had a little difficulty snapping these pictures due to the unfavorable lighting. But, i do hope the pictures themselves could make you droll even just a little. 

I had this HolySteak part I, it was 400 gr of medium-well high quality of delicate, thick and juicy sirloin cooked carefully under 6 hours special cooking process. I love how the color was pinkish as i cut through it. The seasonings were just right yet i think they still have more rooms to improve, portion? as it for me, i want it to be more striking. No doubt, it was very very fulfilling. My big tummy surely grown bigger. Therefore i highly suggested for big appetite carnivores enjoy this to heart content. Honestly, i do got tired from those munching activities. 

There were several kinds of sauces, BBQ Sauce, Buddy's Special Sauce, The most wanted Mushroom Sauce and not so my cup of tea Black Pepper sauce. I just found out their black pepper sauce wasn't suitable to my liking. It was more like tangy and bit sour pepper sauce in black. While their Buddy's Special Sauce is a mixture between basil and mayo. My favorite? BBQ. Less favorite? black pepper. 


Sirloin will be sirloin thus Wagyu will be wagyu. 

For Wagyu lovers, this one is definitely for you. Flavorful wagyu steak with thinner sliced yet juicy and tender at the same time. Just tried a bite since i was already bloated. 

As for the drinks, there were lemon tea, blackcurrant, or lemon tea. Don't hesitate to ask their waiter or waitresses a refill. Don't you worry for the price tag, it is really affordable. For 400 gr of sirloin will cost you less than IDR: 100.000 so does with their wagyu, will not cost you more than IDR: 150.000

I had an enjoyable times with my friends and steaks. They said : "Good Things Come To People Who Do Good" then, i must be good! They also have BerGyu which stands for Burger Wagyu. Definitely gonna try it on my next visit. Keep munching, readers! So, have you ate a plate of good steak today? :) 

Steak Hotel By Holycow!
Jl Radio Dalam Raya No 15. Radio Dalam
Jakarta Selatan

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