Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Black House : Make Your Black Day Brighter

Started to operating since 2 months ago , this newly born venue will soon enough catch the hearts of Jakartans. Using bow tie as their hallmark and self identity , Black House is another must to go place. I was attracted by their concept where they have 7 different concepts composed of 4 floors building which is located at Tirtayasa , Kebayoran Baru .

With such brave and creative concepts , i expected something fresh and new from it. And a few days ago i received a call from openrice that i've been chosen to participate in their next gathering at Black House . Without thinking any further about the distance , i said yes .

Actually what was drew my attention and provoked my curiosity was their level 4 Heaven Area. But , let see if it met my expectation or not .

* There are some specialties from each areas which is the specialties they offered between one area to another areas are different .
* When you are in a certain area , you can't order their specialties which owned by the other areas.
* Which means you have to race with the others to enjoy each areas specialties.

1st Floor 

Coffee Area

i love their coffee equipments display . So cute , right? those bow tie made them cuter.
Their coffee area is your standard place to enjoy your cup of good coffee and have good chats with good companions . 

Boutique Area . I must say it is quite authentic
Slowly but sure i was starting to like this place . I must say their boutique area was carefully planned and made . They are attentive to details , for those who loves fashion maybe you could sit in their boutique room to find some inspirations .

Book Store Area
The door is quite fancy ,and you can find a quote just beside the book shelf .

2nd Floor

Candy Area
For those pink fetish , they will be crazy over this area . Another brilliantly made area with girly touch all over the place.

Flower Area
I prefer to call it garden area , fresh and soft toned area . For those who wants a good tea time should reserve this area because it suits well.

3rd Floor

Brought me back to 80's retro musics era , another fun and attractive area . I just love how they put everything in harmony and like their flushed red seats

4th Floor

To be honest i was expecting something heavenly , bright or angelic . Because the name of this area made those make sense . What i thought was really different with what i saw and it led to a little bit of disappointment. This area more prevalent called the district area , town area or something . But apart from that , The all of remaining areas was such a bliss.

Food Tasting Time

Chicken Cassadia around 30k
A perfect opening dish before the entree . those crunch pastry with good fillings such as mashed chicken with special sauce within and a cup of Mexican style sauce which i personally didn't too fond of it .

Oglio Tuna 52k
Well balanced pasta with generous fillings in the plate with sliced cayenne peppers. Its garlic bread was quite good also . It was good . A little bit spicy and how i wish they made this into a higher level of spiciness .

Black House Burger 60k . I was quite sure i heard the named was patty burger
I loved their smashed beef inside the burger yet put aside the greens . Their burger bread was just standard . What really helped the burger was the patty.

Two To Tmanggo 33k
Refreshing mango drink . Made from a hundred percent of mango fruit with mango ice cream which is also homemade mango ice cream. I enjoyed every suctions of it . I wish i could asked anpther 2-3 glasses for since the contents were not much.

Forgot its name
 A peanut drink , errr , not enjoyed it . For me , it was somewhat forcing ..

Brokat Lace Coffee 35k
This one is quite good .  A chocolate drink type with a little bit bitter part because it contained tonic water , if i'm not mistaken .

Eye To Eye Choco 33
Hmm . This was my favorite . A winning drink for me , consists of layers where the bottom was dark chocolate , and the remaining layers consists of chocolate pudding , grapes and creams . I loved they put grapes inside this drink which gave that refreshing sour taste in this full chocolate drink . I really enjoyed it and saved the grape part for the last since it was the climax for me . But i don't think i could finish this drink more than 2 small glasses because i will get nauseated if i drank it too much . But overall this is really good.

Flawless 33k
The runner up drink . It was sweet , i could tasted the soda and the best part of it was the popping boba which exploded in mouth and tasted orange when it exploded . Freshened your day with this Flawless drink .

" Live with no excuses & Eat desserts with no regrets "

Red Velvet 36k
 It was just okay . Nothing too special to babbled about .

Rainbow Cake 38k
Actually i don't eat rainbow cakes or any other rainbow thingy . Because of the usage of quite much food coloring . Had a few spoons of it , it has different tastes between the colors so it maybe used natural ingredients to made this booming type of cake. The texture was smooth . A good rainbow cake and not too sweet .

Ugly Nutella 36k
Their best seller of cakes .  It was yummy . That soft chocolate that linger in your mouth with rich fillings and nutella . Ah , couldn't resist this cake's temptation . It was delicious . This is one of another reasons why i should coming back to Black House soon

tasting version of red velvet and ugly nutella . quite cute right? sorry the lighting was dimmed and my camera couldn't shot a good pic of it
i swear everything inside these jars was sinfully good
They sells 2 types of jars . one which filled with cheese cake inside the jar and one which filled with heavenly panna cotta . The sad part was i couldn't tasted the cheese cakes because when the others ate it . I was in the middle of something with openrice crews . Guess what? :p

I must say their panna cotta is good. The owner said that their panna cottas was their best sellers and i understand why it happened . Because it was heavenly good . Ah , that very soft texture of yoghurt tasted blend with strawberry / blueberry melted in your mouth . I want more!.

beautiful tea set by black house
panna cottas !!
found it embedded in the 2nd floors wall .
Special thanks to Openrice who invited me to Black House and for all of the Black House crews for giving us a warm and friendly services , to be precise flawless services and i hope they keep doing it in the future . And a very big thanks to Mrs Citra who gave me a jar of strawberry panna cotta to brought home . Also for the extremely good services given by the owners themselves , i was very pleased .

wore a black bow tie made by one of fellow blogger who came . she made it by herself . cool , huh?
The owners
See you again in the future Black House , can't wait to pay a visit again anytime soon to enjoy their panna cottas and their refreshing drinks . For those who curious just try it asap . Before the crowd going crazy .

Black House
Jl. Cililin Raya No. 3, Tirtayasa, Kebayoran Baru.
(021) 72792705


  1. wah, what a really really nice place to visit. I'm craving for those heavenly sweet delights :D

    1. nice place with nice foods and beverages . and those panna cottas are really good. you should pay a visit sometimes :D

  2. Flawless Service, huh? HAHAHAH!

    maaci bebi jangan kapok gw undang ye. :*

    1. kaga bakalan lah nek .. Thank you for the invitation ada juga ..

      nape tawa lu dngr flawless service? hahahaha!

    2. gue tau kenapa flawless. pasti gara2 si waiter ganteng ya? hahahahhaa, salam coy dari pak teddy

    3. hahaha gila lo.. itu mah dedemenan lo lah.. itu nama nama lu sebut gue ga kenal smua sarap hahaha

  3. i love those coffee equipments, so cuteee.. nice review :)

    1. hey . thanks for dropping by!! :) yes those coffee equipments are lovely .. you should try this place sometimes :) thank you for the compliment . you more!

  4. different floor, different menu ya? I'm craving for the cakes and coffees lantai mana dong ni paling asiknya? Review2 keren deh! Nice! *2thumbsup*

    1. iaa different areas different specialties hehe.. ak sih suka yg boutique area .. thank you for comment and dropping by ! :)

  5. i would love the candy area n the nutella cake too!
    sayang jauh bgt dr rumah!

    1. you should pay this place a visit soon! hehe.. dari rumah saya jg jauh banget but their ugly nutella is superb . nomnomnom :)

  6. wow, the concept is very cool! hows the price? is it worth to buy?

    1. their prices are quite steep if you ask me, but the concepts worth the price!