Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kemang Icon's Icon : The Edge Bistro

The Edge, a beautifully decorated lift brought me to the 5th floor of Alila hotel , Kemang . As the lift door opened , i saw a beautiful stairs dominant in white with natural greens motive embedded on it and what mesmerized me was the pink petals along the stairs . Their indoor wasn't spacious , i think what's being emphasized was the outdoor and yes i was right .  The ambiance were classy yet romantic . I was like having a sweet dine on the yatch

It wasn't packed back then so i could explored the place thoroughly .Outdoor was spacious and i could see the open kitchen there . There were some white comfy looked sofa with white curtain installed on it , it drew my attention unfortunately we couldn't sat and relaxed there since you got to pay at least for 2000k . I sat near the pool located on the upper floor of the outdoor . And my curiosity about those petals were answered . An anonymous couple were celebrating their anniversary there . Aw, that was sweet and the place was suitable for celebrating anniversary or maybe birthday.

After we took seats , the waiter gave us the menu and surprisingly it was only made of from 3 sheets of papers written with big captions and there weren't much options in the menu . So , i went to their sandwich 65k and it was their specialty sandwich . I forgot the name but it was on the first place in the sandwich menu . My friends ordered their nasi goreng kampung 65k & smoked salmon 60k. For the drinks we were ordered the boring lychee ice tea , the juices priced 55k and i thought it wasn't worth juice at that price.

The bread was crunch in fact a little bit too hard for me . The wedges were nicely cooked but tasted plain, it need to be more seasoned . Inside the bread were tasty smashed chicken , cheese and greens . I really loved their smashed texture chicken , and the size was quite satiated.

Their nasi goreng kampung was delicious , too bad the portion was just small and kinda overpriced if you ask me . For 65k i think they should made the rice in a bigger portion . Their salmon was just okay .

minimum purchase IDR : 2.000.000

Overall I was having great times there and looking forward my next visit here to taste their very limited menu and maybe i'll try their steak next time .. the steak starts from 180k +
The place was nice , the foods were decent and the service was nearly flawless .

see you soon The Edge Bistro :)

The Edge
Opening Hours:
10.00am – 11.00pm
 +62 21 719 7989 
You can also download the menu in their official site : HERE 

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