Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mad For Garlic

I knew this restaurant since a long long time ago but never tried it before because of its name " Mad For Garlic " yes , i am not garlic fan . but curiosity could kill a cat , so i decided had a lunch there and hoped it would be nice . Under the same roof with Tony Roma's of course i demanded nothing less. And anyway this famous Italian restaurant originally came from Korea . An outstanding reputation for having 11 branches in Korea , 1 in Singapore and 1 in Indonesia . 

Once i stepped my foot inside . The main restaurant is long and dimly lighted .  Dominated by stones , bricks or other their families , i was like transported to a medieval era which i must say i loved it . I found it was sophisticated and classy on its own .

So , i took a seat in the smoking area which is brighter and livelier than the main part . Ushered with a polite waitress made the evening pleasanter , came along with menus illustrated with onions at the cover . After took times of confusing what to ordered . The winners went to : Arrabiata pasta , Red velvet & Yuujade to filled my growling tummy . 

Arrabiata pasta around 80k . i forgot
Red velvet 55k . More expensive than Union's
Sorry couldn't give you how the yuujade looks like . As long as i remember it was greeny colored drink with mint and honeydews or something , i totally forgot cause actually this is an old data i haven't made the review yet , straight & honest . Nonetheless this drink called yuujade is recommended . It was refreshing . 

The pasta was simply different that what i thought . At first i thought that the pasta would be kinda dry similar with aglio olio and it would be a nice spicy pasta dish to save the day . Apparently my guess was messed up . It was pasta with bacon dressed with tomato sauce . Ate a forkful of it . It was quite tasty . But don't know . Too wet for me . 

I really enjoyed their Red Velvet . The texture was just right . They decorated the plate with onions picture , i found it creative and sort of cute . Those white cream tasted like yoghurt a little bit was simply amazing . I loved it . Every single bite of this red velvet . I loved it . My friend also on the same ship with me . She said it was nice but she loves Union's better . To tell you the truth i never tried its Famous and To die for Red Velvet till now . By the time i was there it was sold out . But , whatever , Mad For Garlic's satisfied me . No wonder it was expensive 55k tax excluded.

their open kitchen

Overall i was having good times here . The services were nice . The waitress were friendly and polite  . I must say the services were nearly flawless . I asked one of the waiter took a pic of me with my friend but it was blurry and unacceptable . If only she took a good shot of it . I must say it was flawless . Joking . It is not a new venue . So , i bet most of you have been here beforehand . And who haven't and especially garlic lover , what to think? get your lazybones here soon.

Mad for Garlic
Grand Indonesia, West Mall Ground Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1
ph: +6221 23581076


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  2. I have stayed in Jakarta from the UK for over 2 years, this place was by far one of the worst places I have ever ate. Why? I got a meat lovers Pizza, I kid you not it had sweat condensed milk on the base were you would normally have tomatoe Puree. Gross pure rubbish they were not bothered att all when I complained CLOWNS, do not eat at this place. Ow and I had Salad which was swimming in vinegar also really bad, a five year kid could do better.