Sunday, September 23, 2012

Social House

Recalled those times when i passed through social house sign on 3rd floor of Grand Indonesia's foodhall  . But , i never got the chance to paid visits . If i'm not mistaken it was located one floor above the foodhall. But it appeared that they've changed their location to the 1st floor of East part of Grand Indonesia and you can only get there by using the lift in front of Gramedia.

Yesterday , I paid it a visit to killed my curiosity toward the one of most famous Ismaya's venues at Jakarta. The entrance itself wasn't big ,when i stepped inside there was a hallway to the main restaurant . I found it quite pretty.

hallway to the main restaurant

After the hallway i could see the main restaurant which dominated by russet colored wooden furniture which covering almost every parts of it . A beautifully blended and compatible colored toward one another .

they also provide many types of liquors , wines or maybe sakes

Inside of it was spacious and there was a part which i believe it was made inspired by garden but i was quite sure i took a pic of it but i couldn't found it in my camera ( ugh )

It was packed back then . Luckily i got seats for 3 without reserved in advance . I remembered there was one of the waiter asked us what to order and we weren't ready for it yet then he left us with annoying voice tone but apart from that , we were given good hospitality from the others .

And there's something i must let y all know .

Wagyu Beef Rendang 135k
Their wagyu beef rendang was sinfully delicious . Came in a very generous portion , rich flavors of spices and the beef itself was juicy , tender and the baby potatoes were also well cooked . I read that this rendang took 8 hours of cooking time with slow cooked technique or maybe with small fire. At first i was not quite sure ordered this but after a few bites . Seriously , no regrets.

Grilled Seabass 125k
The skins were too strong in flavors while the meat was quite tasteless for me. But it quite decent and came in a quite beautiful presentation.

Begonia 35k
The name was quite funny , if you know what i mean . It was a mixtures from kiwi and strawberry . Quite refreshing . As for me the shaved ices was quite too much.

Cotton Candy 35k
Cotton candy flavored , somewhat fresh-

Our bills came with thank you & heart in it .

I was having good times there . And maybe will pay another visit soon for another wagyu beef rendang . Let me post a pic of me & my friend in front of the entrance .

Social House 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level 1, East mall
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1 
Ph.+6221 23581818

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