Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Food Blomingmari

Another restaurant has popped up at my self proclaimed 2nd home, Central Park. This time is a Korean restaurant franchise from Korea itself, my friend told me and she said, this School Food is somewhat famous amidst Korean and a few days ago, she tried to satisfied her urge toward Korean thingy and this is including her palate and love toward Korean dishes. And, just today she got another sudden crave for Korean feast and she pulled me along to try this School Food just beside an escalator that lead to Blitzmegaplex. Oh no, i am not a fan of Korean, both boyband (except 2PM) and whatever you named it,including the feast. I murmured at heart : "please, be good"

Korean songs accompanied our gloomy afternoon, it was raining outside. Me and one of my dearest friend weren't too enthusiast with it, while my friend who fond and a super fan of Korea culture, Boy band precisely was so excited and acted like she is the waitress there. She explained us one by one what listed on the menu even i didn't know whether she explained was right o not. What scared me from Korean holic, they are seriously lost themselves in the Korean unstoppable waves, including a grown up girl sitting beside me. She sang along on every songs played and in unexplainable way, she entirely memorize the songs. I gawked. 

It was surprisingly spacey inside with black flooring and wooden touches on their furniture. Once a waiter handed me their menu, i was like.. oh.. okay, i don't know what to order, then a friend of mine who saw my check-in on 4sq told me, their Toppoki is really good, so i dare myself ordered their Original Toppoki without any clues, what the hell Toppoki is? 

Even i don't know what Toppoki is, i couldn't deny myself that i was quite satisfied what was on my table. A fragrant smell Original Toppoki (IDR 55.000) came from hot, sexy looking of red colored rice cakes with kimchi. As i stated before, kimchi is definitely not my best friend. But, this is another case, thou i didn't finished their up, i love how the kimchi gave a bold taste toward the entire dish, Kimchi played an important part toward the Toppoki itself. Anyway, it should be tteokbokki. This latter type of toppoki was much spicier and quite spoiling my taste buds indeed. Usually Toppoki uses gochujang a fermented, spicy paste made from chilli peppers, along with fish cakes. I didn't quite enjoyed toppoki, because it was tasteless. The one who made it enjoyable was the gochujang, kimchi and the fish cakes. I love how their fish cakes were so good. Definitely my most favorite part on the whole plate. Its red spicy looking sauce which is the gochujang was also tasted so good. I think i could lick the plate up. Kimchi tasted way too strong for me, so sorry kimchi, i still can't be friend with you but hello Korean fish cakes. Let's be friend from now on. If one who's not a fan of Korean dishes like me could enjoyed this. Korean hardcore fans out there, you'll definitely get your palate satisfied. 

Then we had Special Mari 1 (IDR 78.000) a sushi consists of tuna, anchovy and kimchi mari. Not a fan of sushi thou, but it appeared this one also quite good. I love how the anchovy tasted yum, salty yet crunchy at the same time. I only ate two pieces. But, slowly but sure, i am now quite welcoming Korean or Sushi dishes to my tummy. 

Miss Mari (IDR 55.000) stir fried kimchi mari wrapped in egg and fresh mozzarella cheese and salad. Too bad, by the time we went there, they ran out mozzarella cheese which may played one of the most crucial part. I didn't find this one enjoyable. Just okay and definitely the sushi below beat this. 

Whoa, it's kind of new experience for me since i rarely makes myself sit inside Korean restaurant and listening to k-pop when eating. Thou toppoki is a new thing for me, but i was quite enjoyed it. Quite spicy thou, make sure you're strong enough. They also provided bimbimbap (idk, whether i write it right o wrong) and for who's not into Korean dishes, you can enjoy a plate of Chicken cutlet. Going to have bites of it when i got the chance to pay School Food a second visit. 

School Food Blomingmari
(021) 2920-0316, (021) 2920-0317
Central Park, 3rd floor
Jl.Let.Jend S Parman Kav.28
Jakarta Barat

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