Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fountain Lounge : Tea & Tell

My friend invited me over to enjoy a cup of tea just yesterday at Fountain Lounge which is precisely located at Grand Hyatt, heart of Jakarta, which is one of the most vulnerable by Jakartan's hustle bustle and without any further ado, i said yes! since i've got nothing to do on last Monday, so stretching up a bit for an afternoon tea isn't really a bad idea. right? Another reason why i got to popped up because in a matter of fingers counts she will continue her study to Singapore. This is sort of confusing state where to happy or mourn since i'll have a free shelter to stay when i happen to be around. Tee-hee! 

Once we got there, a waitress ushered us to one low, comfortable chairs with high back which is  fit to enjoyed one high tea time, as they said. Why is it called high tea? Back then high tea was a social event for upper classes. It altered the time and manner in which they took tea and this is refer to afternoon tea which became the bridge between meals before dinner, after lunch. But, when i googled around, high tea supposedly to be a meal for working classes or laborer consisted of heavier fare like sausages, kidney pies, steak, casseroles, etc. Due to this case, i prefer to call this an afternoon tea arranged on (usually) three composition stages. The lowest, middle, and top. 

 Fountain Lounge's tea set came with scones, chocolate balls with strawberry jam on the base (fulfilling sweets) . Followed up with savories such as sandwiches, mini croissants and mini burgers then delightful sweet treats on top, strawberry cheesecakes, lemon macarons, dense dark chocolate topped with berries, apple crumbles and coffee-toffee cream plugged with thin chocolate sticks. all of those presented on detailed flowery small plate, along with those pretty tea set. 

Scones : This one a little bit tough to eat, too dense for sweets but i love how it tasted, right amount of sweetness then i applied a bit of strawberry jam. How i wish the texture was soft, i bet it would be amazing.

Chocolate Balls : I'm not sure calling this chocolate balls, but it was round and made from chocolate. So, whatever. I love those balls. What an orgasmic black balls (is it me or maybe this is a little bit ambiguous) quite strong dark chocolate balls with another chocolate fillings inside. 

Mini Sandwiches : with crushed chicken meats inside, greens and mayo. 

Mini Croissants : Just okay.

Mini Burgers : The best among minis. I love the fillings consists of fresh tomatoes, lettuces, and tuna, perhaps? not sure. Satisfying mini.

Strawberry Cheesecake : and of course came in petites but my love for them aren't petite, trust me. It literally melted in my mouth, those pure goodness mixtures from the cheesecake sauteed with strawberry jam along with the fruit. 

Lemon Macaron : Macaron is surely popular these days, and it seems the macaron fevers aren't over yet. Sweet sour lemon macaron. Not a fan but okay.

Dense Dark Chocolate Topped with Berries : Is there any possible shorten name for it? The berries were so fresh just like a wake up call. brrrr... What i love from Fountain Lounge they used dark chocolate, so it reduced the possibility of nausea causes.

Apple Crumbles : Again, not sure to call it apple crumbles since the outer part is crisp thou the fillings were completely a good crumbles of apples. I love this one.

Coffee-Toffee Cream Plugged with Thin Chocolate Sticks : Again, again. I don't know how to shorten it. This one came as my favorite among the sweet treats on top. Strong coffee cream blended well with mocha and chocolate.

As for the tea, i had English Breakfast tea with adjustable sugar level. Fragrant tea. 

The Verdict :
I had one good tea time with friends here accompanied with good quality of tea sets and snacks. Cozy place to hang and chill strengthened with good, and polite services. It cost IDR 260.000 or $26 including tax to enjoy Fountain Lounge high tea set. 

Fountain Lounge
Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Jl.M.H Thamrin Kav 28-30
(021) 390-1234
Jakarta Pusat

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