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Tsurukamedou means the hall of crane and tortoise. 
Ramen chef Masayuki Nomura founded Tsurukamedou and envisions the restaurant as a place to cultivate the great spirit of Tsuru and Kame. The crane flies gracefully and harmoniously to different continents in search of breeding grounds during its long migratory route. the tortoise  moves slowly but definitely and with all the life's energy and purpose.

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Wandering around Taman Ratu after went to my friend's home, we decided to looked around (on foot) for delicious treats nearby until we stumbled upon Tsurukamedou with 50% sign in the front. Unfortunately, the promo is only available when you bought 2 bowl of their ramens then you got 50% of their side dishes such as Tori Karaage and friends along with 2 free refill ocha. But, as a student we used our privilege to enjoyed 20% for the entire menu. Actually the only reason why i pushed myself to went inside because i read one good review on Ivy's life about this ramen restaurant.

As always the workers there shout outs and ushered us politely to our table. Tsurukamedou itself only has a few seats inside with modest but homey and clean looking light wooden colored touches. I got that brief fascination by the time i looked their entrance, gray stone color entrance which is quite unique, i even murmured at heart (thank God they didn't use flashy red color as their identity) From every side, this warm nuance ramen restaurant look modest but has that kind of magnet that pull you to pay the second visits.

Tsurukamedou itself is one famous ramen store originally from Japan that opened more 8 branches in it. Famous for their authentic Hakata style super Tonkotsu ramen, they offered two types of broth, pork and chicken with 2 options for each between Tonkotsu and Tonkotsu shisen which tonkotsu stands for the saltier one and tonkotsu shisen means spicy one. I found no interesting variant on the beverages side, so i went with FreshTea PET 500ml (IDR 10.000) and the other two ordered two Cold Ochas (IDR 8.000/each)

Tonkotsu Shisen Chashu Men (IDR 59.000)
I love how generous they put those beautiful yet tempting slices of chashu encircling the ramen. There were more than 5slices of thick slices of chashu. I really love how they chashu tasted thick and rich where any other establishments were mostly cooked too mushy yet thinly sliced then led to the less satisfaction. This was one of the most delicious chashu i ever ate. I could tasted the meat dancing in my mouth. The broth was quite thick, i really enjoyed the moment where i sipped the broth until the bowl was completely dry. They put right amount of salt on it without being too salty nor tasteless. Quite addictive i must say. While the ramen was soft and on the right level of firmness. I love everything inside the bowl, if there's no one inside, i already licked the bowl till its clean. You know what? I also ate the bean sprouts which i didn't usually to. This brought Tsurukamedou as my top 3 ramens list in Jakarta.

While my friend had this bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen (IDR 45.000)
I prefer their tonkotsu shisen more where the broth tasted thicker and richer from this tonkotsu's. I could tasted this tonkotsu was less addictive than their tonkotsu shisen. Tonkotsu's broth was tasted somewhat milkier and sweeter but still salty and savory at the same time. Came with half sliced of pretty tamago, a slice of nori, and couples of kikurage. But this one also an exceptional and only matter of taste. I love shisen because i felt it was way thicker and spicier. I chose spicy but it appeared not quite spicy yet. Gotta go with their extra spicy on my next visit. My friend, she enjoyed this very much.

What could go wrong with a glass of refill cold ocha when you happened to sit beautifully on one Japanese restaurant?

I had one memorable lunchie experience here, with attentive and prompt waiter&waitresses, super friendly gesture and they put smile on their faces often. There was no such thing as too salty thingy and gang. We enjoyed our times here spoiled with their orgasmic bowl of ramens very much and when we have the chance, nothing gonna stop us pay Tsurukamedou second visits. I got my taste buds spoiled, do you?

Jl.Ratu Kemuning Raya Blok A2 no.8A
Taman Ratu, Greenville
West Jakarta
Ph. +6221 56940711

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