Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Madame Lily

Actually i've been passing through this gray swan looking restaurant when i paid Moovina a visit and been curious since then how good this Madame Lily is, since i did some blog walking and slightly dazed how the price range is quite steep. By the time i passed it through, Madame Lily was quite packed with high-aunties (don't bother it, it's only available on my dict) it's my own appellation toward those aunties whose carrying branded bags with peacock high hair style, usually those who enjoys high tea time and pile of arisan (regular social gathering)

Madame Lily has its own appeal, if you ask me. I love how its interiors are different and unique compared to any other establishments i've visited before and what i adore from Madame Lily is how they could juggled a-not-so-spacious space to one minimalist but swanky looking place with many mirrors embedded on the wall, which is convenient especially for a narcissistic like me. Maybe this is a matter of taste, but i do love Madame Lily concept and design.

Actually, behind their Victorian concept restaurant, they serves Indonesian fusion cuisine and some cookies near the cashier desk. One of my friends already preceded me and bought their cheese sticks home and she said, they were delish. 

I love their broken white engraved lamp hanging on the ceiling, chic and stylist. It's been awhile since my last time putting quite many of place sightings and finally, i did it in this post. I hope these pictures could enticing your sense of goodness

My night was officially opened with Dory Cream Chowder (IDR 52.000)

A thick condensed soup consists of dory and cream. Basically, it's more like cream soup with dory cutlets inside. The soup was really good, it successfully opened my feasting night. They also put potatoes, carrots and a little bit of chicken inside. Everything inside the bowl were just right and definitely spoiling my taste buds. Served with special cheese sticks from Madame Lily

Followed up by Nasi Bali (IDR 89.500) This is what i'm talking about, one authentic proof that Madame Lily serves Indonesian fusion cuisine with twist. To tell ya the truth, i didn't put much interest when it served on my table. But readers, their spicy chillies could attached me from the very first spoon combined with their fragrant rice and sate lilit (twisted satays) Moreover, those tiny not-so-convincing satays were great, flavorful and quite tender. Their shredded chicken was really matched with the other elements. Ah, not to mention their Pindang boiled egg also yum. What else i can say? Oh, one thing... Do some improvement on the portion, please dear? 

Done with something Indonesian, we had this BBQ Chicken Pizza (IDR 78.000) Usually, Pizza served on its pan with round shaped, while Madame has its own idea of making this elongated rectangular. One fabulous pizza on look and taste area, i do really want to critique at least just one of their menu. But, i can't.... since they do serves a streaks of marvelous menu. Had a bite, oh yes.. I want another bite. More fillings, please?

Cream Dory Mille Feuille (IDR 88.000) 
This is what i called one overrated dish. With not so much happening on the portion but quite much happening on the taste area, let's called it even. I do love the crunch crunch and those dories were good. But dear, for 88k i seriously think this is just a bit much overrated. Just bit, okay. Just bit. It was certainly tasty but yeah...

Closed with Honey Comb Crunch Cake (IDR 40.500) 
Soft textured cake with honey touched and crunch cake which mainly tasted like ginger. This one is good. Just not my type of favorite closing cake. Yet, i'm not a fan from those crunches. I will try their other cakes on my next visit, just to make sure my eyes were right. The other looking cakes were tempting. 

and oh the drinks...

 Overall Dining Experience 
I had one good time here and definitely one satisfied tummy on the taste area but not so much on the gluttony area. Madame Lily was surely exceeded my expectation and i do think this place is really good on appearance and food. But, do improvement on the portion, pretty please? For quite steep price range, it was surely quite bit petite and not satiating. Other than that, Madame Lily is surely one place you got to visit and not to missed! Score : 9/10 

Madame Lily
Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor
(Above Mi Item)
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph. +6221 29923868 

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