Monday, March 11, 2013

Commune 25

Right after one unsatisfactory early dinner at (just call it) Y, me and the three musketeers immediately rushed to one of the nearest place from it and the decision fell on Commune, Senopati which wasn't too appealing at the same time. The only reason why i went to Commune because my one of my friend recommended it to me. As for me who just recently undergone bad dining experience, this poor stomach demanding to be filled soon with scrumptious dishes although its already quite full. I prayed splashily in my heart, this place gotta be good or the distance taken from my house to Senopati will be die in vain. 

From the front, Commune didn't look promising with the dimmed sign on the N & E from Commu-ne while the other letters was lit vividly. "Don't judge book by its cover" was applicable here. Co-founded by one of Indonesia's actor either Marcel or Mischa Chandrawinata, franchised from Singapore, this American bistro concept restaurant could healed my little ill will from previous bad dining experience (even now, i doubt myself to/not to review it on my blog) Commune located on the 2nd floor while the 1st floor is a furniture store.

I love how they arranged this restaurant into one stylist, chic and rather intimate at night. Separated into smoking and non-smoking area. Their non-smoking area is rather secluded, if you ask me. The smokers got the core area while the non-smokers separated into small rooms and they have several private rooms. With dim lighting and cozy ambiance, this place surely made me want to stay a linger long. 

Pardon for the narcissistic picture above, on the first picture, my friend Sally was getting lost in her world playing hay day for the entire time on her i-phone (gosh....) and the second picture is me & my SHS friend (both of us wore pink,anyway) 

The four of us decided just to munched some light munchies here since our belly were quite full, and it wasn't that light thou. 

I had this Ginger Ale Lemon Sorbetto (IDR 55.000) which was really really refreshing, as if it washed down my little bit grumpiness. Consists of ginger ale, lemon chucks, mint leaves, lemon grass spear and lemon sorbet. Those ingredients were successfully made this hangover favorite beverage. I didn't caught where the "hangover favorite" phase for, since i think it is suitable and appropriate for anyone. Oh, seriously and i am not exaggerating, you have to try this drink. Came in big and tall glass but i don't mind for the second. Tangy sour with pampering sweet plus a little bit carbonated drink in one glass.

While the remaining three had Lychee Tea "why they ordered boring lychee tea?" Seriously, i always thinks that lychee tea is one boring drink and it happened to be ordered when you don't know what to drink. Still, that just my own philosophy. But, it appeared their Lychee Tea was quite good with sweet lychee inside.The sweetness was in the right amount, not bad.

Followed up by Anza Pizza (around IDR 65.000) a thin crust pizza with serious crunch crunch and good toppings. They used pork sausage as topping along with tomato and olive oil. I enjoyed this one, the toppings were good and not to mention their pizza was also good. As for me, i prefer if the dough was a little bit thicker. Everything feels right. Ah, i love that crunch crunch from the crust.

And my heart fell to their Meatball Sub (IDR 60.000) i have been wanting this for quite a long time ever since stumbled upon Ivy's blog, drooling over those mouthwatering pictures and just a few days ago, i got to taste my best 60k spent. Crunchy French baguette bread with generous meat and melted mozzarella cheese inside the crisp. Cherry tomatoes touches surely brought one brief freshness upon it. I enjoyed this to my heart content and i was peeling the sub one by one then ate the baguette. Finished the good one first and just writing this review, i want another one Commune's Meatball Sub!

One scene occurred when i took pictures. 
 S : Supervisor
M : Me
MF : My friend
M : (shot some pics)
S : Uhm, kamu photographer ya?
M: hah? (gak kedengeran)
MF : Oh, dia blogger
S : Oh iya, silahkan di foto ya tempatnya.. keliling juga boleh (kemudian dibukakan pintu-pintu private rooms nya) silahkan dilihat dan difoto. 

What i want to emphasize here is, that's why i always avoids, never tells and will never tells to any restaurant sides that i am a blogger. Not because a blogger is exclusive, of course no.. I always wants to make one honest review to my readers based on my taste buds and experience. So, i don't want any special treatments then let the writing speaks for itself. But, who don't like to be treated good, anyway? Another plus point came from one of their waitress. Thanks sist, you really saved my day. With this post i'd like to say thanks and express my gratefulness toward her attentiveness. I almost left my phone there along with its charger but she literally ran then returned it to me. Otherwise, no one will remembers. Thank you so much Commune for the nice hospitality and good foods. Can't ask for more.. Good foods, nice ambiance, attentive-slash-polite-slash-fast services. See you on our next meeting.

Commune 25 Cafe & Bistro
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 72789913
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (until 1am on Fri & Sat)
T. @commune25


  1. aiiizzz meatball subnya!! heavenly good rite?!

    1. so agree with you!! best 60k spent ever!

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