Monday, December 17, 2012

Ninotchka : Once is Never Enough

Been countless times visiting this cute coffee parlor, for some reasons this diner successfully attracts me to come over and over again. Reviewed it before ( CLICK ) Established as one of the hippest venue around Citra Garden residential area, i really think Ninotchka doesn't needs any promotions to jack up its name because it is already (really) popular and mostly filled with teenagers and school girls who are fond with sweets. 

What you can't deny is how friendly environmental the prices are, reasonable-slash-affordable. To be honest, i do think they serves a decent quality of desserts but not too impressive and gave those awe factors afterwards but considering the price you pay, it is really worth and never disappoints me. 

Christmas is coming, even the guy who sat there wearing a green Christmas themed shirt. ( is it? ) and i could see they already prepared themselves with Christmas accessories hanging and the ceiling and adorn the place with Christmas atmosphere.

It was an invitation came from the three musketeers, i kinda missed them already since it's been nearly two months i didn't met them. Deary friends with cozy parlor to hang is surely a way to start my Monday. 

It is around 20k or maybe below, and seriously even if it's 20k, it is the best 20k i spent. Mouthwatering lasagna with rich fillings and chewy texture. Actually, this was my very first time trying their lasagna and without exaggerating, it was really scrumptious. It's a MUST TRY.

Tried their aglio olio before, it is one consistent dish. A bit dry for me, kinda plain but i could feel the seasoning. I wish it was a little bit more al dente. 

Too sweet, not savory. I didn't enjoy this. Need some improvements, again, the pasta needs to be softer. The overall savoriness needs to be improve. The sauce wasn't tasteful. I could only taste sweet on it. 

Kinda plain and the flavoring wasn't bold enough. But it's alright comparing to the previous Bolognese spaghetti. 

4 pieces small thin crust pizzas topped with beef, mushroom and cheese. It was satisfying. Savory size bite pizza with generous toppings. A pleasure in mouth. 

Macarons..... these tiny and round sweet meringue are really popular these days. I am not a fan for any macarons. Each color has different taste of meringue while the fillings are all the same. This is Ninotchka's, every stores have their own style macarons and signatures. 

Red : Red Velvet
Green : Green Tea
Brown : Chocolate 
Yellow : Lemon
Pink : Strawberry
Purple : Grape

The base was crisp and there was a hint of coconut. The cheesecake was okay. Quite good.

Hands down to the best chocolaty cake of the day. It is a new cake from Ninotchka. Sea Salt Chocolate cake. Could strongly tasted the salt within the cake and a little bit overwhelming sweet from it. Really enjoyable and very chocolaty. Gonna stick with this one for my next visit. 

I had this for my every visits to Ninot. I love their red velvet, reminds me of Convivium's. Strongly could tasted chocolate along with vinegar. for 25k, this should quench your velvety craves.

The frappes. I had their green tea frappe and so with my previous visit, had the same frappe. The different is the last time i came here, it was tasteless, frozen and not enjoyable at all. But, today it was good, not too sweet (for me) Enjoyed every straws of it. The other two were just too sweet.

A pretty beverage which was a feast to the eye. I thought it was served hot but it was cold. Tasted coffee. I don't know the name. But, if you are curious just ask to the waiters. Quite good but a little bit too sweet.

And their BEST SELLER is their molten chocolate cake. it is a warm chocolate cake that literally melted in your mouth with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can see the picture on my previous post about Ninotchka :) 

I enjoyed their cakes and their mushroom and beef pizza was good. But i couldn't enjoyed their pastas. The drinks were too sweet beside green tea frappe.  It's one cozy place with relaxing music strengthened with nice ambiance that surely makes you stay long linger there. 

See you again, soon Ninotchka :)

Circle West Citra Garden 6 C28
West Jakarta, 11830
Phone: 0816-1105316
Website (complete info):


  1. resto ini lagi booming bgt kynya hihi, pengen nyamper belom kesampean.. :(

    1. Samper dong ceh.. Kan ga jau2 amat sama puri .. Hehe..