Sunday, August 19, 2012

La Biere

I know i am so yesterday and so out of date writing this venue about just now. But i can't help myself to write it since it's a food blogger job , well in my case an amateur . To write reviews . So here i go
Actually , i already knew this La Biere from the first time it was established at Central Park because it's near from my college.

I was expecting something sophisticated , classy , spacious indoor , and cool air conditioner. Because they serves foods quite pricy comparing to the nearby venues at Central Park. Indoor has no air conditioner , maybe there was but i can't felt any of the fresh cold air inside . Only a few fans hanging on the ceiling . The only thing that captivated my attention was the black chandelier hanging on the top.


La Biere itself located at Tribeca Central Park . You have to cross the garden to reach Tribeca. It's quite tiring at daytime especially when the sun is doing his job well. Tribeca itself is an outdoor garden spot . outdoor usually filled by the smokers.But that won't work for me . Can't stand against smokes and the burning sun at the same time .

We won't bother ourselves ordering heavy meals here . So we just ordered some drinks . And i ordered their creme brulee .

Creme Brulee ( IDR : 38.000 )
Creme brulee should start with a custard base that is richer, creamier, and silkier than other cremes . On top of that custard should be a layer of caramelized sugar . La biere's creme brulee was nice . Despite the last time i ate their molten chocolate which is my favorite desert couldn't satisfied me . The top was perfectly caramelized .The cream was also yum. what too bad was its vanilla ice cream . Not my type . Too sweet and kinda tasted like vanilla mix coffee.

Slow Motion Green ( IDR : 48.000 )
Mixed with beer . As for me , the beer was strong . This drink was made using green fruits . I don't know exactly what were inside . But there were kiwi pieces in the drink. A perfect choice who loves refreshing mocktail.

San Miguel ( IDR : 28.000 )

Virgin Mojito ( IDR : 38.000 )
Composed of apple , mint & lemonade . Refreshing and surprisingly good . I prefer this one than i drank at SKYE . Sweet drink for sweet time with sweet companions :)

La Biere
Central Park Mall
Tribeca Ground Floor Unit No.9,9a,10
Jl.Let. Jend . S . Parman Kav 28 Jakarta 11470
Telp : ( 021 ) 292 000 42

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