Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tin Pan Alley

Tin Pan Alley is strategically located in the UOB Plaza in the center of Jakarta . Which is specifically served American cuisines . I have to say sorry before that i can't upload the appearance due to the overwhelming chatter excitement .

There's a sign that reads " Eat Drink Merry " near the entrance . When you step your foot into the place . You will surely fascinated by the furniture that condensed with vintage industrial design , classic black glass window and a replica of harley motorcycle

Surrounded by its black walls , dim lighting , quiet nuance , and the floors are covered with unique checkered patterns carpet and new york dwellings images embedded in the wall that builds classy vintage ambiance while we having our food trip and chitchat

Tin Pan Alley itself provides decent & delicious American meals

 Buffalo Chicken Wings
( price : IDR 40.000 ) suprisingly served in 6-7 pieces of deep fried wings with special sauce

A good , convincing and strong starter to ascertain that this place serves only yummy and sexy foods.

The outer skin is crisp and crunchy while inside the meats are rich with its seasoning and the sauce made the phase complete .

Orange Balsamic Glazed Chicken
(price : IDR 82.000) Boneless chicken meats from chest / tights with orange balsamic sauce served with delicious mashed potato and vegetables

This one is suprisingly good . At the first thought . I figured this menu will be poured by thick & strong orange sauce . I found this one quench my thirst to a delicious chicken dinner.

Grandma Chicken Dinner
( price : IDR 79.000 )maybe the grandma of all chicken cordon bleu or chicken mozzarella families? all hail grandma chicken! 

I have to mention this , Tin Pan Alley mashed potato is yummy. Probably one of the best that i ever tried here in Jakarta

The chicken itself is deep fried and poured by Tin Pan special sauce ( mushroom sauce ) served with mashed potato and edible vegetables

Chocolate Warm Cake ( Choco Melt )
( price : IDR 40.000 ) chocolate cake which is melted inside served with vanilla ice cream poured with chocolate syrup and a slice of strawberry

It took almost 15minutes just to enjoy the melted chocolate sensation from this choco melt .And i nearly lost my sweet tooth stimulant . But it was worth of waiting. YUM . The vanilla ice cream match with the chocolate . To be honest , not the best i ever tried

Honeydew Sorbe
( price : IDR around 38.000 - 40.000 ) a fresh sweet sour sensation from a yoghurt ice cream ( not sure ) served with honeydews . topped with lychee and strawberries with sweet melted sugar / caramel ( not sure part 2) for its base

 " Wake up sleepy head ! " Yes! This bad girl ready to wake you up . This desert is like a wake up call . It was refreshing and sour . I thought it was a scoop of vanilla ice cream but it's not . Apparently it's a scoop of yoghurt . ( not sure ) but whatever it is . It's a tickling sensation from tongue to head .

Ribbon In The Sky
( price : around 36.000 - 38.000 ) an unique drink made from mixture of cranberry juice , double strained clove , orange wedges , apple syrup , homemade peach syrup , and topped with ginger ale

Have you ever tried tamarin candy ? this drink has a resemblance with it .

Happy Days Are Here Again
( price : IDR 39.000 ) muddled kiwi fruit , mixed passion fruit , shaken with fresh orange juice and garnished with kemongrass stick

Maybe the purpose from the making of this drink is to make your cloudy or even stormy weather to meet its bright and sunny side again 

I love this drink so much . A genuinely sweet and addictive drink from Tin Pan Alley . You can feel the scrumptious orange flakes in every suctions of it

Beside the foods , I was also satisfied with the friendly service which is personalize the character of the restaurant itself . You maybe like the foods and the place . But with bad services , Would you willing to come again? The waiter and waitress are cute in their white t-shirt with suspender

PS : I used my DISDUS voucher , and there's no any even a slight discrimination toward me . No foods that been reduced . Neither less pleasing services

Tin Pan Alley
UOB Plaza
Thamrin Nine Podium Lobby Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta
Tel. 021 3000 7882
Open daily at 10 a.m. to 10 p.m 

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