Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Giggle Box

Last Saturday i went to Bandung with my companions for 2D 1N . What we had in thought were only eat eat and eat . After had our very 1st early lunch at Hummingbird which i am gonna review it soon , which i knew about Hummingbird from reading Miss Ivy blog . In short i was tempted by her review so i made a quick visit there. While i knew about this Giggle Box from my friend recommendation who lives at Bandung .

It was quite packed back then . Bandung venues are always crowded like all the time . I meant if you see a venue at Bandung which is not packed it is either new / not worth it . Quite sure of it .

Giggle box was only a few steps from Hartwood and close to Hummingbird . Located at one of the most strategic location at Bandung , Progo . Giggle box giving something fresh and something that worth of visit . Dominated by white , especially the stanchion and the curve entrance . What i had in mind this place was chick , adorable and cute .

The best part about this restaurant is : The price was environmental welfare . I was full back then , but i dared myself to ordered some . Sorry my dear fatty tummy . I promise to make you slim within 2 years .

Sorry though i was too focused at the outdoor , so i forgot to took the indoor pics . But believe me the indoor was less interesting comparing to the outdoor . Indoor was just ordinary .

Grilled Chicken Vietnam ( 20k )
Green Tea Cake ( 15k )
Dark Cherry ( 15k )
Cookies & Cream ( 20k )
Green Tea Latte ( 16k )
I wasn't expected for good meals . I was just simply enjoying the place . Grilled Chicken Vietnam tasted ok . But looked like an ordinary grilled chicken for me . I didn't even knew where's the Vietnam part was. And the disentangled lettuce under the rice was quite disturbing for me .Green Tea Cake was nice . My friend was kinda exaggerated it saying it was super yum . Very small portion indeed . Its Dark Cherry was better than the green tea latte , not to sweet , not too big , not too small . The Green Tea Latte was too sweet . I can tasted milk inside the latte and way stronger than the green tea flavor . My favorite was the Cookies & Cream mixture from different flavors ice creams into one bowl with oreo .

Nothing wrong with the services , An affordable and nice place for hanging out , enjoying the garden atmosphere offered by Giggle Box . Also foods & drinks with very affordable price . Cheaper than wheresoever Solaria.

(022) 76434600

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