Thursday, August 16, 2012

Redeeming Beef Wellington at Otel Lobby

Fine dining concept restaurant is just quickly popped after one another . But that is a bliss for me , since i love killing time in this kind of places .Otel lobby is located on one of the lavishest yet promising location here in Jakarta . Kuningan Bakrie Tower . Which you can say it is a rival from another fine dining venue just across the street called Bluegrass.

This is the second time i've been here . A little flashback , my first time i came here was on Saturday . it was packed . I had to waited to get a seat . A waitress welcomed us , she said she's going to save a place for us . After waiting for quite a long time . We asked to the waiter ,was there any empty seats now? . And how fortunate we are . There is . and he led us to our seat .and by the way , i was also surprised there were very limited choices on the menu. But they also provide several kinds of wine , liquor etc.

That was a tolerable disappointment remembering it was packed . So the waitress might just forgot about our presence there. Meh!

My camera lagged in my friend's car , so i can't took any pictures . But i was having a pleasant time having a glass of Dominico di luccio moscatod' asti . and its buffalo chicken wings which is lack of originality and the taste didn't impressed me. 

Then somehow on last Tuesday i stepped my foot back again here . Redeeming my free beef wellington . aye!

Been here twice yet i was mistaken about the entrance . I got in through the back door not the front door which is allowed you to seeing the hotel receptionist look a like desk with a big lcd tv behind it straight from the entrance.

At the first glance , i was wow-ing this place because it's giving me that sumptuous impression . strengthened with the elegant minimalist interior that makes us like to stay linger long here.
I was also infatuated by that big antique clock attached on the wall straight in front of me.

When the foods came i was ravenously eating them . but..

Beef Wellington ( IDR 145.000 ) :
A round shaped steak coated pastry covered with rich cheese outside . The cheese itself was melted in my mouth . Then i started to cut the meat which i ordered it medium well . Several first pieces was beautifully done like i wanted . It was tender and juicy . Until i found the part which is still kinda raw and uncooked . When i sliced it , fresh blood flowed from it . I can't finished the meat , my expectation was messed up. I was looking forward for a satisfying meat lunch.

Nasi Campur ( IDR 55.000 ) : 
Consists of well cooked and flavored vegetables , balado eggs , chicken breast and thighs , and spring rolls . Lack of seasoning , a little bit plain , and so does the spring rolls and the chickens . But i enjoyed the vegetables. It was well cooked and tasty.

Toblerone Puff ( IDR 40.000 ) :
Ah! at least this one is very good and succeed to fulfilling my sweet tooth craving . A delicious padded puff pastry with vanilla ice cream and separated chocolate syrup .


Lychee Ice Tea ( IDR 25.000 ) & Strawberry Juice ( IDR 25.000 ) :
Ordinary and mediocre drinks.. the strawberry juice mixed with milk. sweet .

I think this place is somewhat relaxing . I love the ambiance and how natural sunlight coming all around from the huge windows around the area. But not so much for an awesome meals.

thank you for the hospitality Otel Lobby :)

Otel Lobby
Jl. Epicentrum Tengah South Gate Entrance
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower
Jakarta Selatan
 Phone: (021) 299-41324

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