Friday, August 17, 2012

Pesto Autentico

Me and my companions were having dinner here . And we were feeling lucky seeing 35% disc for Danamon cardholder . Pesto is located just above Tin Pan Alley . We sat in the non-smoking area . I was already full after gobbled Manhattan big seafood platter and had nice pleasant late lunch at Mad For Garlic . But the menus were so tempting that i couldn't resist to order some. And ended with ordering appetizer , main course , and dessert . YOLO! ( You Only Live Once ) .

It was captivating me since i stepped my foot inside. It was spacious which is the interior was nifty dominated by wooden touch . minimalist yet elegant . We were given a basket of complimentary bread .Then we were ready to order . We asked to one of the waiter to photoed us . But for some reasons i felt the waiter was kinda lazy to do that .

After waited for not so a long time . there they are . our night makers

Pizza Italiana ( IDR : 69.000 ) added smoke beef ( IDR : 18.000 )
I was kinda bothered with the look from the pizza . Because i adore foods that beautifully done and served in a neat presentation . Then i had a slice of it . Tasted good but nothing special . i could taste the fillings blended well within the pizza.

Spaghetti Vittorio ( IDR : 119.000 ) 
I was excited when a waiter served this to my table . Beautifully done , nice presentation . And made me droll . It was a well cooked spaghetti ( al dente ) with big shrimps plus its heads . The shrimps was delicious .Too bad there were only 4-5 pieces of it. I did enjoy this but not too much . Since the tomatoes was too dominating . And personally i am not fan from bolognaise.

Waffle La Nina ( IDR : 40.000 )
Crispy waffle topped with chocolate sauce , sugar sprinkles , and vanilla ice cream . When i combined the waffle with the ice cream. Yummy! I don't know why but desserts are easily satisfy me. Putting that aside . This is good.. I was pleased.

 Choco Lava ( IDR : 39.000 )
I got addicted and still addicted with this choco lava , molten cake , whatever it called . Simply put , this was gorgeous  . I love every spoons of it . The cake was perfectly melted in my mouth and when you put the vanilla ice cream . You'll find serenity . One of the best i ever tried.

Fragolino ( IDR 40.000 )
Mixture from strawberry , orange juice and yoghurt . The strawberry was strong compared to the orange juice and yoghurt . I can barely tasted the yoghurt . Nonetheless it was refreshing .

I had a pleasant dining time at Pesto . Satisfying meals with good companions . What can i ask for more ? :)

And lastly i took a pic there :)

Thamrin Nine, UG floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 10
Ph. +6221 29937230

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