Monday, August 27, 2012

Maja House

Dying after tiring routines ? Need a sweet escape ? Getting bored of Jakarta ? Go Bandung . Maja House is a bar , restaurant , and my friend said that this hip venue will transform into a nightclub on weekends . Located far from city boisterousness actually the street isn't that peaceful . But Maja is . One of my most favorite spot at Bandung after The Peak .

Actually Maja House divided into 2 parts : Maja Suki , Sugar & Cream . But the one am gonna recap here is the Sugar & Cream .

Maja House offering an astonishing view especially during the night , because the lighting will spark the place to a classy venue with that view which rarely you can find at Jakarta and of course Bandung cold yet refreshing air that will relaxing your body and mind even for a while. But , i remind you to bring something warm there . Or you can rent the blanket for IDR : 15.000 . One of the waiter told me when i went to the restroom.

I was transfixed and amazed this place for a while due to the how good this place was and almost forgot to mention it was spacious . Interior which is dominated by wooden , similiar with Union , Loewy , and the list goes on . This concept is somehow like worldwide ? But i do enjoy the warmness , coziness , and the nuance offered by it. Although its official website amazed me more .

I decided to save my tummy for later . Because you know . I've made the must to go & eat list already . It's not like i am saying this place isn't worth to eat . You know there's always method a called : Friendtasters :P . So , i just ate whatever my friends ordered . and lucky me they were also full already . So they asked me to helped them . You didn't have to tell me . I'll do it . With pleasure

Chicken Augratine
Grilled Norwegian Salmon
Grilled Chicken Mushroom
Apple Mojito
The foods were already in a medium high price range . But still what i love about Bandung is their hip and happening venues offered lower prices compared to what we have here at Jakarta . Medium high but seriously it's worth for what you eat and that tranquility sensation from Maja House.

Chicken Augratine was my favorite . The chicken wasn't that mushy and not that tough .topped with melted mozzarella cheese and some kind of BBQ sauce under the chicken .The potatoes was perfectly cooked suited to my taste . And i proudly can tell the potatoes were high quality potatoes .

Grilled Norwegian Salmon was my less favorite . First of all , i am not a seafood lover and the salmon itself still had that fishy thingy . My friend told me you can't totally exterminate that fishy thingy from salmon no matter how much lemonades you used. I wasn't sure , i thought maybe an expert could do that. Nonetheless it came in a beautiful presentation . Lovey dovey

Grilled Chicken Mushroom . Like your usual , ordinary , and mediocre chicken steak without the skin. Tasted just ok. Not special . I loved the mushrooms , it was tasty beautifully blended with the sauce . yum ..

Apple Mojito by Sugar & Cream by far is my most favorite compared to the other apple mojitos i ever tried before . Sweet & refreshing .

And what's pathetic I do ordered something called : Momento . But i didn't even knew how it looks . Because it didn't came . And i wasn't in that mood to asked where my order was ... Although i was pretty sure the waiter was noted it already *sniff

I am very very recommending you to go here when you are at Bandung . This place is epic

And lastly . Sorry for this narcissistic pic i tucked up in this post .
Me & my companions 

Maja House
Sersan Bajuri 72 Bandung
Phone : +62 22 2788196
Fax : +62 22 2788466

Email :


  1. hey cendwoo, i just got a visit there a few weeks ago.
    I got there at around 1 am for midnight snacks, and it's true that the place turn into nightclub.
    The place is more than just awesome, with a good price :D I can never imagine if this place is located in Jakarta, the price would be so sky-high.

    1. hi james , thanks for dropping by
      yes that's what i love about Bandung . they offered more affordable and competitive price compare to Jakarta venues.
      i really looking forward to feel the ambiance when they transform into a night club .

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