Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cork & Screw : Triple Treats

About few weeks ago while having a sort of crazy conversation ourselves, we accidentally overheard something interesting from across our seat. It was a group of friends discussed certain places to rent branded bags. It was seriously an irresistable temptation situation where we have to slowly but with wholly enthusiasm respond to their topic for ourselves. Jakartan's especially me and my friends called it "kepo" but.. i think it's okay to have a finger in the pie once in a while. It's good to be good, but it's better to be bad. Nah, i'm just kidding..... Well. we just need a thing we called it balance and that what makes us, human.. i guess =P

But, nah.. we didn't fire away bad comments about it anyway..

During fasting season, they have special buffet package for IDR 125.000/pax but now, it is no longer fasting season, isn't it?

When you hear the name, Cork & Screw.. what firstly crossed your mind? Wine! Personally, i didn't see where they put their wine collections, but from what i've heard they have wide selection of wines from all over the world which is a magnet for wine adorers out there. But, we came there not for wine time instead having one good lunch and chatting at the same time. This restaurant which is situated just across Opus Cafe, Plaza Indonesia definitely not a newcomer therefore, i'm certainly sure most you have been here. I know, i'm so late posting this.. i know, i know but please feel my sincerity to share it with you guys, okay? har har har..

Upon arrival, they asked whether we wanted to be seated at the smoking or non-smoking section. Knowing their non-smoking was only the bar area indoor with one elongated table plus to be share with the other costumers, and that definitely will reduce our quality chatting time, so we decided to seated at the smoking area which wasn't smoky at all.

A waitress came to our table to noted our orders, she successfully answered every questions about the foods we asked. Prompt and politely served us. A different feeling when you noticed their pr or something wearing all black uniform looking at us when i took pictures with that somehow less pleasant feels.

har har har.. narcissistic a bit won't kill, right?

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch"
                                                                                        -Orson Welles

While i had dori for lunch, my friend had Baked Tuna Cannelloni instead. An italian dish with pumpkin sauce. Cannelloni is a large type of pasta generally served baked with a filling and covered by sauce. The sauce itself was intriguing. Usually cannelloni served with tomato or bechamel sauce. Bechamel also known as white sauce made with a roux of butter and flour cooked in milk. This dish was like ten times better than mine. Its meat filling inside was quite generous and the cannelloni itself was fulfilling and tasted good. It wasn't flavorful exploding, savory or peppery but it was nice with homey feeling eating pastel in a bit bland and Italian version The pumpkin sauce gave a nice kick toward the entire dish. 

This was like my most overrated dish for the month. Sniffed something good when it served on my table but apparently it was just the smell. This Dori was nowhere crisp and savory. Very soft (not in a good way) dori fish that will crumble like pastries even when you softly cut it with your spoon. The sauce itself didn't help so much. I think it was the cut which made the dori texture felt so thin. I couldn't bring myself enjoyed this dish although i've tried. Plus, the wedges which i hoped will be the rescuer also tasted flavorless, wet and mushy. 

Nonetheless, the disappointment have to end here because right after this point nothing will gone bad. For the drink we had refreshing Holly Berry which really refreshing blend between soda, strawberries and yoghurt then topped with strawberry ice cream. I love this drink, i must say their ice cream was really good, quite thick and milky. It was my friend's also, while i had something-something beverage which wasn't as good as holly berry. pic no2 which was mine was milky but not sweet for my liking. The berries inside didn't stood up so that the milky tasted was the dominant. Followed up vaguely with not sweet banana then served with satay-style banana and strawberry on top.

And meet the Triple Chocolate Melt

hello... we are trio chocolate buddies, from Cork & Screw kitchen. our biggest happiness when we see our  buyer satisfy after savoring us. those happy smile on their cheeks are our happiness.
i'm the oldest from triple melt family, i'm the mighty dark chocolate melt. I have gooey dark chocolate melt inside me. my body made from quality batter. I love you when you tore me down (is this cake a masochist?) because many of them said, i'm the most delicious one.. especially when you eat me together with white chocolate sauce poured on your plate.
(yes.... it really was the best and most favorite out of those three. It was a pleasure lingering in my mouth.)

puh-lease.... you have to eat me carefully, slowly, and the most important happily because i have sweet white chocolate melt inside my body which is different from the other two. As the second brother from triple melt family, i might be too sweet for some, not too chocolaty for some but i know, you are happy to have me... in your belly.
(it wasn't too white chocolaty but quite enough to spoiled my tastebud, too sweet for some, but for me.. sweet-toothed gentleman, it feels right)

yippie ho! i'm the youngest from triple melt family. i have the "noir" from my big brah, dark chocolate and the shy side from white chocolate. I'm chocolaty enough but not too chocolaty like my biggest brah yet not too sweet and less chocolaty like second brah.. I'm quite sad to be last for you eat, so when i cry, my body got the melt a bit watery
(Honestly, the taste between this and the white chocolate one wasn't that much different. The differences were only on the color, but.. this one was less appealing in the presence of the dark chocolate melt yet on the same grade with the white one)

Cork & Screw is quite a nice place to hang out, enjoy afternoon tea time or indulge yourself with a glass of wine but, not so much if you are aiming to have one full lunch or dinner. Actually, this wasn't my first time coming. Before, i became a food blogger, i've been here before, and yes.. the food didn't impressed me either. Their desserts weren't much of selections. But, really tempting. Next time, i'll try those babies out. 

Cork & Screw
Plaza Indonesia, Ground floor 
Jl.HR Rasuna Said, Wisma Kodel
12920, Jakarta Pusat
+62 21 52902030


  1. I love your new header! haha and that tuna cannelloni makes me wanna taste it straight away, yum.

  2. aw happy that you love my childish like header.. yessss you should try it, it was quitee yummmmm

  3. Delicious Triple Chocolate Melt!! i Have Recomended dish, Click