Saturday, August 31, 2013

Altitude : Salt Grill by Luke Mangan

a lil bit grumbling or maybe an excuse

It's been quite a while since i became a loney lonely abandoned cat at home while my family went to an oversea trip. Blame it to my upcoming daily routines as a student which soon would be over in matter of days as of the time this post is written. And..... my dad, he bought my camera with him which then it lead to this post where all the pictures taken with phone. 

It was a brilliant Thursday escapade for two very best friends sitting on a comfy purple U shaped sofa while took gazed upon Jakartan's hustle bustle, face to face from the place we seated. I've made a reservation in advance just in case Salt Grill would be packed by lunch hour.

Hearing this and that hurled about this Altitude, where 3 different restaurants with different cuisines joined in a complex. Therefore, i carry a mission to try all those babies out which sadly only one so far has been beautifully wrapped. No worries, it will take quite some times but i'll definitely paid them a proper visit.

As for our power lunch, their business lunch package won our heart by giving quite reasonable price for IDR 190.000 for two courses (tax excluded) or IDR 240.000 for three courses start from 11.00AM-14.20PM. Reasonable price considering the flawless services given, breathtaking view offered and good foods provided. I am truly a demanding, not easily satisfied type of a guy when it comes down to services. Hence, i hope they're just still that good on the future.

First of all, they're taking their complimentary bread basket seriously. They smelled fresh baked straight from the oven served with selections of condiments.

Baby Barramundi, capsicum salsa, char grilled squid

Examined my plate thoroughly, i thought that reddish colored sauce below tasted spicy but no. It tasted complete with the right click from sweet, spicy and bit sour from its capsicum salsa. Capsicum which commonly known as paprika or red pepper, green pepper, bell pepper as its large mild form gave quite a touch toward the entire dish. Although, i expected it would delivered a bit intense peppery kick from it. I love how the baby barramundi easily cut, soft in texture and seasoned beautifully. Enjoyed my every spoonful of it. I thought they deep fried the skin crisp-ly but no. Beside the salsa, char grilled squid also placed below the fish. It was nicely done.

Grilled Chicken in cajun spice, roast pumpkin, aspargus, persian feta, red wine sauce

A bit too tough to cut from outside but luckily, it was quite tender inside. Again, it seasoned nicely strenghthened by its delicious sauce. A safe dish for whose taste bud adjusted to play safe.

Long Island Berries Tea IDR 50.000

Despite the weather was sizzling hot back then, this (i think it supposed to be) girl's drink managed to chilled me down. Refreshing mixtures from berries ready to sweeten up your day.

Green Canyon IDR 45.000

Amazed how they could pull this drink off beautifully. I mean, that green color is no other produced from blend of green vegetables. Healthy + tasty ; what you can ask for more?

Liquorice parfait "signature"

I love the idea of putting xiancao (cincau; green colored jelly in a nutshell) on the plate. The dark green layer of crumbs on the bottom vividly has that liquorice flavor. This dessert is somewhat unique but tasted wonderful for me. Also, the lime syrup added an extra kick toward it. Sweet & sour dessert with a bit medicine plus matcha tasted like.

Passion fruit cheesecake, orange sorbet

Cheesecakes & chocolates never bores me. But, this is my very first time having cheesecake combined with passion fruit's gentle touch. As for the taste, i had no complains at all. That orangey crumbs beside the orange sorbet was a line of full surprise! It literally was like exploded in my mouth like certain types of candies back on my childhood. Happy i managed to chose such a woke up call dessert like this.

At the end of the day, the two best friends gone home (no, but actually continued their journey) with happy tummy and smile on their cheeks. Au revoir, Altitude!


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    1. Sbnrnya ga ngerti kerennya drmana but thank you ciyeenn :D

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