Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Koultoura: Brunch, Chocolates & Thunder Bolt (?)

Everyone was like.. "hey, have you been to Koultoura yet?" "let's go to Koultoura sometimes, been there before, done that blah-blah-blah and it was good" so, i arranged a quick met up with my girl who happened back in town for a while at this well-designed coffee shop.

To be honest, Koultoura sets a really high bar in term of concept and design especially when it's located in Greenville area, where not so much pretty and comfy places available to sip a glass of hot chocolate while doing your assignments with free and FAST wi-fi provided.

ps : again, i forgot to bring my camera. pictures taken with phone..

Careful dear, you have to queue first and let the workers knows your order before you finally took a seat. Starbucks or any other coffee joints ordering style. But, they will take your food orders to your seat since it will took some times.

I love it! aren't they just too cute?

I love how the design team turned this place out to be something to bragged about. Despite the furnitures or pictures hanging around, it's still has that really spacious space for doing moonwalk, somersault.. whatever.. movements. Moreover, the photo arts and maybe every little things placed on definitely captivated my attention.

Croque Madam (IDR 45.000) Whoaa.. Trust me, if love at the first sight is trully exist, then it must be my kind of first love in any sort. A perfect brunch dish which gets mushy in no time ; you have to enjoyed it after you photographed it (uh-oh) I cut it through and a perfect yolk just splashed out. Mine was big! even i got full after it. Do i have to explain how does it tasted? Though i think the word "perfect" should've explained it thoroughly. 

My hash and cornet beef was definitely perfect combo with the toast, poached eggs and topped with bechamel sauce plus cheese. On the sidelines of eating it, i love how they slipped a peppery kick inside. Served with homemade wedges. 

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Ice chocolate with vanilla ice cream (IDR 37.500 if not mistaken) and lychee ice tea (around IDR 20.000)

Truffle Fries IDR 50.000 

Lasagna IDR around 65-70.000

Pesto Spaghetti with Salmon IDR 80.000

While this Croque Madam gained its well-heard popularity from its fans. How about the main courses? take as an example.. Their Salmon Pesto Spaghetti? Honestly, it lacks of flavors. The pasta itself was bland almost tasteless but fragrant. For me, their salmon was bit overcooked but tasted quite nice. Moreover, the texture from the pasta itself which wasn't al-dente. A good pasta should've been cooked so as to be firm but not hard. Quite a disappointment for me otherwise it would a perfect afternoon where all the foods were almost superb. 

On the other hand, their lasagna was good! I love how their's was soft and like melted in my mouth.. However, i do think the taste from its tomato paste was bit overwhelming.. But, it really was a satisfying lasagna.. 

My Ice chocolate was a treat! i love how it tasted bold and chocolaty and not too sweet while its vanilla ice cream was the "it" right complement. I love their ice cream, sweet and milky made me wanting for another scoop of it. Appeared that their lychee ice tea was also nice with the right balance of sweetness. 

So, have you tried it? Some of you might wondering why a thunder bolt is necessary for this post's title? Look at their logo, a coffee mug with lightning strucked from above.. I marked this post as a MUST GO place to chillax or maybe doing your assignments with fast wi-fi provided. Well, like this.. "Where are you going to do your homework?" "Koultoura" now.. that sounds quite fancy.. 

Will i come back for revisit? YES! why? Because i'm a sucker for their Croque Madam and i really wanna try their other beverages and brunch menu.. So. See you again, anytime soon Koultoura!

Koultoura Coffee
Jl.Taman Ratu Raya Blok AA2/33
Taman Ratu, Jakarta Barat
Tweet them : @Koultoura


  1. great review, cend! kemarin gw jg coba Croque Madam, padahal ternyata ada porky dorkynya ya? huhuu..tapi setuju, rasanya enak yaa.. :p

    1. Iaa masa sih ad pork?? Ga ngerti.. Kayaknya ham nya itu beef deh?? Kalau emg ud kemakan ya udalah lin.. Hahahaha

  2. Now I want to try their lasagna so bad. Looks great! Oh why everybody takes great interior pictures of Koultoura. When I came here, the table was fully occupied and it ruined my pictures :(

    You should try their Foxie Hangover Cure! Simple but delicious, yum :D :D

    1. Mine wasn't good at alllllll... Yours way better.. I've seen yours, nath ..

      Noted! Will try on my next visit...
      Thank you for the recommendation! :D

  3. But the pictures are still great. What phone u use?

    1. Hi.. Thank you there
      I was using iphone 5 :)