Thursday, September 19, 2013


No matter how much times has passed or many restaurants keeps popping. My heart always stays for this one. Been here once, it was like 1-2 years ago when i wasn't a food blogger and finally! i went there just yesterday and decided to make the review a.s.a.p because by far, their red velvet still ranked as the best red velvet in town (at least for me) and as long as i remember if memory don't failed me, Union was the first one whose red velvet booming in no time.

Full house during lunch hour, well.. i've expected this much and so, i put my name on their waiting list. Not long after that, they called me to informed me that my non-smoking seat was ready. I think this place needs no introduction further more since i seriously think everyone already knows it, good or bad.

Talking about the interior, nothing changes much or maybe at all.. I love how the sunlight naturally illuminate through the black glass windows. It was packed and quite noisy but the services are still first class. Despite the hustle, the waiter took our orders in no time, the foods were fast enough to reached our table, and their waiter could explained the foods in detail, friendly and at the end of the day, he took two good shots of me and my friend.

Pardon this narcissistic selfie 
and.. yes.. this timing rule still applied even on this very hour.
this is what i called complimentary bread. warm, fluffy, fresh baked bread with good quality of butter. 

It took a while for us to figured it out, what to order.. our choices went to

Tropic Berry IDR 55.000

Life is Good IDR 55.000

Both of us chose something which hopefully turned out to be refreshing beverages. Not too impressed with their Tropical Berry because it wasn't too refreshing, almost tasteless for me. Not sweet, not sour. Just where this berry was? But.. Life is Good surely remind me why life has been good lately and drinking something so fresh like this one is another one of the reasons why. It was sweet and really refreshing with all of those clicking mixtures in one glass. The only thing i could complained was.. too much ices. 

Braised Osso Buco ((braised beef shank) IDR 130.000

A generous portion of scrumptious beef shank served with delicate mashed potato below and sauce. The sauce was a bit oily if you ask me but seriously, i love this dish. For me, the components were completed each others. The beef shank was soft and tender. The sauce was also delicious. What's not to love? My friend also love this very much. I'm glad i made a right choice. Fulfilling dish.

Crispy Pork Belly IDR 130.000

My friend felt a big time guilty but don't left the pleasure behind ; because for her, it was too fatty then she afraid she will gain kilos after eating it. For me, yes.. it was fatty and thick but tasted wonderful! I really really love it especially when eaten with their sauce. Honestly, i don't know what was the sauce they used below the porks or even that shiny and oily brown-ish sauce. What i know is : it tasted superb and that's all i need to know. Literally one of the best pork bellies i've ever eaten. Ah.. and that crunchies on top deserves no other word beside : magnifique.

Red Velvet IDR 55.000
Union Made is Well Made ; IKR! that clean plate of red velvet is definitely one authentic proof

Back then it was only IDR 50.000 if i'm not mistaken. And.. yes, here i am proudly stating Union's red velvet still ranked as #1 in my heart. While Mad For Garlic's ranked as #2 bearing the same price tag as Union's. What made Union different from the others, i think it is the crispy peanuts topping covering the cake which giving that addictive crunch crunch while enjoying the delicacy delivered from the cream cheese and the moist beetroot-y textured cake. I LOVE (yes, with capitals) it. Moreover, the portion is huge.. Ladies, to dodge that guilty pleasure syndrome later on. Please, share it with me =P. I even ordered another of it for take away.

the take away appearance. yes.. after a really full lunch at Union. We were waiting for my friend and happened to be sat again at Momi's & Toys which served Japanese cold creepes. Been twice here and their creepes were superb! 

And there it goes..Union successfully spoiled my tummy and no.. this time our tummies happily.. We were really full since the portion was generously big.. Though some of my friends didn't like Union for some reasons.. But, for me. Union still strikes me back to come back anytime soon.. Maybe, their Cronut is another good reason why i have to? But.. no, this journey wasn't over yet.. Then we rushed to Potato Head Garage for early dinner with bloated tummies. Doh!

Plaza Senayan Ground Flr (inside Sogo)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 57905861


  1. aku belon pernah ke union.. huhuhuhu.. mauuuuuuu..

    1. Huhuhu... Dateng ajaa ajakin skinny mini :D

  2. love your blog! nice pictures :)

  3. Awesome pics, Cend! whoa I seriously drooled for that red velvet :9

    1. thank you ren! yours moreeee

      ah, ren me too now craving for another slice of it :3

  4. wah menunya enak-enak nih :D, saya belum pernah ke union.. hhe

    btw, kamu bisa share juga makanan dan minuman favorit kamu disini < >